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Everyday tasks in EQ made EASY!

Utility Everyday tasks in EQ made EASY! 1.0

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I am no macro expert but I am always looking for ways to make my eq more streamlined and have my stuff ready to roll on any pc at any time. I use a program called AutoHotKey (google it) to remap my F2-F12 keys for my eq and MQ2 stuff cause hitting 1 key is way easier then typing out /mac kissassist all the time. This script is my original work and only exists in this post so if you have any questions or wish to redcent me this is the place to do it.

Download and install Auto Hot Key

Load up EQ and open your EQ Options and go to KEY Bindings, select ALL and then Click the sort by key to get them all in order.
Find the f1-f12 keybindings, I leave F1 to target self and change F2 - F12 to ALT+F2 - F12

F1 = Target Self, F2= SHIFT+F2, F3= SHIFT+F3, F4= SHIFT+F4, F5= SHIFT+F5, F6= SHIFT+F6, F7= SHIFT+F7, F8= SHIFT+F8, F9= SHIFT+F9, F10= SHIFT+F10, F11= SHIFT+F11, F12= SHIFT+F12
Then I go to the TARGET Keybinds and set TARGET CLOSEST NPC to my E key

SOMETIMES AHK needs to run in admin mode sometimes not, I always run AHK in admin mode.

start the script eq.ahk and enjoy..... This script is 100% compatible with mq2 and as it is in no way a hack it is safe to use, in WOW even GMs have stated this program is 100% legal to use!

I create an .exe for mine it seems to run faster and can then be ported to any computer even one without AHK installed!

Rich (BB code):
;<-- eqkeys.ahk
;<-- This macro is original work by Pepekeao
;<-- in game I have set my keys hotkeys to the following
;<-- CHANGE F2-F12 all to ALT+F2 - ALT+F12 in key bindings in eq
;<-- bind target next NPC to the E key
;<-- ! = ALT, ^ = CTRL, + = SHIFT key - Example !F9 = ALT F9
#HotkeyInterval 250  ; This is  the default value (milliseconds).

;<-- Moves to target
Send /moveto ID{enter} ;

;<-- Targets Nearest live MOB and AUTO attacks it
Send {e}{q} ;

;<-- Targets Nearest Corpse and LOOTS it
Send /target corpse{enter}
sleep, 500
Send /loot{enter}

;<-- Follows TARGET
Send /follow{enter}

;<-- Starts Kissassist in base mode
Send /mac kissassist{enter}

;<-- Alt+F6 Starts Kissassist in Puller Tank mode
Send /mac kissassist Pullertank{enter}

;<-- CTRL+F6 Starts Kissassist in Hunter mode
Send /mac kissassist hunter{enter}

;<-- End the current macro
Send  /endmac{enter}

;<-- Gives current location
Send /loc{enter}

;<-- Hides all corpses that you have looted
Send /hidecorpse looted{enter}

;<-- ALT+F9 unHides all corpses
Send /hidecorpse off{enter}

;<-- CTRL+F9 Hides all corpses
Send /hidecorpse all{enter}

;<-- Markes item to DESTROY when you loot it, adds to loot.ini
Send /lootdestroy{enter}

;<-- Marks item to SELL to a vendor in loot.ini
Send  /lootsell{enter}

;<-- Sells all items marked SELL in loot.ini
Send /sellstuff{enter}

- - - Updated - - -

I have 7 PCs running EQ so I find a real need to automate mundane tasks across all of them quickly and easily and this seems to REALLY help me!

- - - Updated - - -

the direct link to AHK is http://www.autohotkey.com/

- - - Updated - - -

PLEASE feel free to ask me to write you custom hotkeys like this one or to help you write your own, I love to help!
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