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Utility Pok2DH.mac 1.0

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Software Requirements

[MQ2Nav Meshes]
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
Got tired of running my team to Dead hills for some heroic adventures so made this.

simple little macro that uses m2nav to run you through the zones to get to Dead hills, so it requires you to have a navmesh for each of these zones:

  • PoKnowledge
  • moors
  • crescent
  • bixiewarfront
  • ethernere
  • deadhills

if you are not in once of these zones when starting the mac it will use origin to get to crescent and run from there.

also this requires you to be attuned to the doomscale portal in dead hills before you can run this way.

hope it comes in handy for someone.

/bcaa //mac pok2dh

and watch your team run there little legs off.
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