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New Hunter macro

Utility New Hunter macro 1.0

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Given hunter mode in Kissassist doesn't support MQ2Nav, I decided to whip up a little hunter macro of my own, attached to the thread here.

Usage: /mac hunter

You will need to modify but one string in the file, in most cases: npc_name; Just set this to whatever you want to eradicate (i.e. "a lion") and go watch some TV.

Please note this mac is intentionally simple and meant for harvesting low level mobs. it has no loot function built-in, so you must use advloot. That said, the features it does have:

* Ensures your Merc is active; This is commented out by default, but simply uncomment to use
* MQ2Posse support; If someone is nearby it will pause and set you afk
* Rez support; if you have a corpse in zone, it will nav to it and wait for Rez; If you're in a zone where dying is a possibility, make sure you uncomment the merc support or you'll just sit there forever

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