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navto.inc 1907b

Software Requirements
MQ2Nav, valid mesh for zone
Server Type
🏢 Live TLP Test
navto.inc ease MQ2Nav use in macro's

/call navToID ${Spawn[pc LamahHerder].ID}
Wait while /nav to Spawn ID, target it when LOS and target-able

/call navToYX 6 9
Wait while /nav to YX loc

/call navToYXZ 6 9 2
Wait while /nav to YXZ loc

/call navToDoorID 69
Wait while /nav to door/switch and click it

/call navToPortalID 69
Wait while /nav to a portal and wait till you are transported

Bind that will list out the different XYZ and explanations, this is reference because I always get confused if X or Y come first depending on the command I use

| navto.inc (LamahHerder)
| 1907a
| remove /squelch or change message output
#define DODBG /squelch /echo
#event LocQuery "Your Location is #1#, #2#, #3# #*#"
#bind locq /locq
Sub navToID(int iNewID)
    DODBG navToID iNewID = ${iNewID}
    /nav id ${iNewID} dist=15
    /delay 3 !${Me.Moving}
    /while ( ${Navigation.Active} || ${Me.Moving} ) {
        /delay 3
        /if ( ${Target.ID}!=${iNewID} && ${Spawn[${iNewID}].LineOfSight} && ${Spawn[${iNewID}].Targetable} ) {
            /target id ${iNewID}
            /while ( ${Target.ID}!=${iNewID} ) {
                /delay 3
Sub navToYX(float fYloc, float fXloc)
    DODBG navToYX Yloc = ${fYloc} Xloc = ${fXloc}
    /nav locyx ${fYloc} ${fXloc}
    /delay 3 !${Me.Moving}
    /while ( ${Navigation.Active} || ${Me.Moving} ) {
        /delay 3
Sub navToYXZ(float fYloc, float fXloc, float fZloc)
    DODBG navToYX Yloc = ${fYloc} Xloc = ${fXloc}
    /nav loc ${fYloc} ${fXloc} ${fZloc}
    /delay 3 !${Me.Moving}
    /while ( ${Navigation.Active} || ${Me.Moving} ) {
        /delay 3
Sub navToDoorID(int iDoorID)
    DODBG navToDoorID iDoorID = ${iDoorID}
    /nav door id ${iDoorID} click
    /if ( !${Me.Moving} ) /delay 3
    /while ( ${Navigation.Active} || ${Me.Moving} ) {
        /delay 3
Sub navToPortalID(int iPortalID)
    DODBG navToPortalID doorID = ${iPortalID}
    /nav door id ${iPortalID} click
    /doortarget id ${iPortalID}
    /delay 3 !${Me.Moving}
    /while ( ${Switch.Distance}<60 || ${Navigation.Active} || ${Me.Moving} ) {
        /delay 5
sub event_LocQuery(Line)
    /echo ${Param1} ${Param2} ${Param3} = /loc
sub locq
    /doevents LocQuery
    /echo {Me.Y} = ${Me.Y} ME.X = ${Me.X} ME.Z = ${Me.Z}
    /echo ${Me.EQLoc} = {Me.EQLoc}
    /echo ${Me.Loc} = {Me.Loc}
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  1. 1907b

    1907b + when /call navToID it will now use your melee hitbox distance so you dont stand on top...