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Macro - navto.inc (1 Viewer) 1907b

May 17, 2015
LamahHerder submitted a new resource:

navto.inc - ease MQ2Nav use in macro's

navto.inc ease MQ2Nav use in macro's

/call navToID ${Spawn[pc LamahHerder].ID}
Wait while /nav to Spawn ID, target it when LOS and target-able

/call navToYX 6 9
Wait while /nav to YX loc

/call navToYXZ 6 9 2
Wait while /nav to YXZ loc

/call navToDoorID 69
Wait while /nav to door/switch and click it

/call navToPortalID 69
Wait while /nav to a portal and wait till you are transported

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Aug 13, 2018
Issue/bug/feature discovered whereby navto.inc will interrupt macro function:

When using the navToPortalID sub, and subsequently having an event in an after zoning scenario, I found that this sub would hang my macro and prevent it from triggering actions in the event. I rewrote the sub like below so that it still functions, but does not interrupt the event sub. I also chose to move the doortarget before the nav command, as it made no logical sense to target it after you've naved to it, though it has no meaningful impact on operation. What I did remove was the delay while not moving, and changed the distance check to delay while your distance from target was less than 60 to instead be while greater than 25 (the distance from the door you activate the portal). I believe it was getting into a logic loop fail with the less than 60 check.

Sub navToPortalID(int iPortalID)
    DODBG navToPortalID doorID = ${iPortalID}
    /doortarget id ${iPortalID}
    /nav door id ${iPortalID} click
    /while ( ${Switch.Distance}>25 || ${Navigation.Active} || ${Me.Moving} ) {
        /delay 5

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