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MySEQ Map Files 2020-12-11

Other Authors
goodurden, cn187
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
This resource contains a recent version of Goodurden's maps converted to a flat format for MySEQ & SEQ.

Again, these are for MySEQ/SEQ, not the in-game EverQuest map. If you want Good's in-game maps, find them here.

Why do we convert maps?
Since *SEQ only supports 1 layer, conversion involves flattening all 3 layers of Good's maps. This is done via cn187's conversion script from the showeq forums.

If you enjoy Good's maps, please donate to him. You can find his donation info at the bottom of the Good's Map Pack resource, as well as here:

Donate to Goodurden
Donations accepted but not required. Add a note with your RG username @
[email protected]
via the in-game parcels
;tell xegony.Goodurden for any mistakes, ideas or if you need any help.
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Latest updates

  1. spawn timer fix

    Fixed a naming issue that affected MySEQ spawn timer tracking
  2. 20201208

    Goodurden's latest maps as of today, converted for MySEQ & SEQ use. Again, these are for...