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Utility MQ2Status


Saved conversion
(c776400) ~Sic
Status - update / addition

- Reworked currency
- added '/status stat crit' to display Dot Crit and Spell Crit
(c21414e) ~Sic


Timeless Token

- requires mq update
- - mr already submitted
(4e586ac) ~Sic


(de39e77) ~Knightly
Merge branch 'v143' into 'master'

Update for v143

See merge request redguides/plugins/mq2status!20
(c3e3d70) ~Knightly


- Will now check for adjusted skill with a 0 skill
- Merge branch 'SkillBugFix' into 'master'

Will now check for adjusted skill with a 0 skill

See merge request redguides/plugins/mq2status!19 (c551663)
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Bug Fixes🐛

- Fixed new bug for /status skill

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- Missing close single quote

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- TaskStep / QuestStep
- Merge branch 'queststep' into 'master'

TaskStep / QuestStep

See merge request redguides/plugins/mq2status!18 (5505efd)
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- NoS Currency Update

- Requires MR from eqlib (c726442)
- Merge branch 'NoSCurrencyUpdate' into 'master'

NoS Currency Update

See merge request redguides/plugins/mq2status!17 (a157355)
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- Currency cleanup - handle of plurals

- strip ending 's' from currency check to handle looking for currency singular or plural forms.
- added "orum" as singular of "orux"
- added "faycetum" as singular of "faycitum" (thx dbg
- moved order of restless mark/scarlet mark
- removed the "s" from scarlet marks (3127922)
- Merge branch 'currencycleanup' into 'master'

Currency cleanup - handle of plurals

See merge request redguides/plugins/mq2status!16 (6edce95)
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- Report Spell name

- /status spell # will report all the spells in that level by name, so you can see what rank they are. It will also tell you what Upgrade component type (minor, lesser, median etc based on level.
- status name will report all the spells (dbg does reuse spell names unfortunately) and their rank
- minor deprecation update (3c2c7fb)
- Discs are things too

- we should report discs (52984c5)
- Code Review adjustments

- removed once used variable "mylevel"
- changed variable name "nextArg" to "spellsearch" for clarity and readabillity
- changed "continue" usage with inverse and nesting
- fixed issue where searching a spell by name would always return "(Glowing)" (12611ac)
- Adjustment from !strlen

- (bebd76f)
- Code Review changes

- using fmt::format as a string builder for readability
- gated the reporting of spell upgrade type behind the spell being greater than lvl 70
- no longer making the alternating colors for output use an inline ternary, for readability
-- (6621d6f)
- Fmt cleanup;

- fmt cleanup
- extra line cleanup (ec7b54c)
- Fmt cleanup

- Merge branch 'spell' into 'master'

Report Spell name

See merge request redguides/plugins/mq2status!15 (a76b4d1)
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