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Utility MQ2PluginManager

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Ever want to load or unload plugins with a click?
Ever want to be able to just glance and see if a plugin is loaded without doing /plugin list and then having to look through a list of random plugins to see if the one you are looking for is there?

Well with the plugin manager you can do both of those things.

Plugins in Red are not loaded, plugins in green are loaded.
Left click to load a plugin.
Right click to unload a plugin.
window is escapable.
to bring the window back up.


MQ2PluginManager is based on @dencelle 's MQ2MacroTool.
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[git] Automation options?
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  1. 07/11/2024

    〰️Commits Clean up pass on the plugin code - Moved accessors to the header so they can be...
  2. 07/11/2024

    〰️Commits Added to MQSettings window (#3) you can access the toggles in mqsettings. without...
  3. 20230219

    〰️Commits Update for v143 Addresses https://github.com/macroquest/macroquest/issues/635...