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Quickly view loaded and unloaded plugins, and one click load and unload of them.
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Authors ChatWithThisName
Software type Plugin

Maintained Yes and supported
Acknowledgements dencelle's MQ2MacroTool

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See a list of all your plugins in a nice, graphical user interface. Click them to load or unload.

  • Plugins in Red are not loaded, plugins in green are loaded.
  • Left click to load a plugin.
  • Right click to unload a plugin.

The window may be closed. If you close it, type /pluginman to bring it back.



Syntax Description
/pluginman Will show the mq2pluginmanager window if it's not visible. Will display debug information on failure.


The plugin has no configuration. If you're having trouble getting the window to load, try the following:

/loadskin default and then reload the plugin:
/plugin mq2pluginmanager unload
/plugin mq2pluginmanager load

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