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Unmaintained MQ2IniX

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Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
Command -> /inix FileName Section Key Value

Writes Key=Value to [Section] of FileName. If Value is not provided, the Key is deleted. If Key is not provided, the Section is deleted. All ^ characters provided in the parameters are replaced with $ characters.

Sub Grimoire(string find, sting lookfor)
    /declare i int local
    /for i 1 to ${lookfor.Count[|]}
         /varset ${find} ${lookfor.Arg[${i},|]}
         /if (${Me.Book[${${find}}]} && ${Me.Level} >= ${Spell[${find}].Level}) /return
    /next i

Sub Main
    /declare MyINI string outer "..\${MacroQuest.Server}_${Me.CleanName}.ini"
    /declare SetSP string outer
    /call Grimoire SetSP "|Yaulp XI Rk. II|Yaulp X|Yaulp IX|Yaulp VIII|Yaulp VII|"
    /inix ${MyINI} MQ2Melee downshit0 "/if (^{Me.Buff[${SetSP}].Duration} < 10000 && ^{Cast.Ready[${Spell[${SetSP}].ID}|gem]} && !^{Me.Mount.ID}) /casting ${Spell[${SetSP}].ID}|gem"
    /inix ${MyINI} MQ2Melee holyshit0 "/if (^{Me.Buff[${SetSP}].Duration} < 10000 && ^{Cast.Ready[${Spell[${SetSP}].ID}|gem]} && !^{Me.Mount.ID}) /casting ${Spell[${SetSP}].ID}|gem"
    /inix ${MyINI} MQ2Melee downflag0 1
    /inix ${MyINI} MQ2Melee holyflag0 1
    /melee load

In that example macro, i scan spellbook for different version of yaulp spells and return first one found... then save downshit/holyshit to cast the spells if duration is less then 10 seconds and if the spells is ready to cast. I know yaulp is already supported into mq2melee ... this is just an example and a proof of the concept. all variables starting with a $ are parsed right away. Command will replace the ^ with $ enabling save data without evaluating it before... This open a door for macro to auto-configure some plugins behaviour, thanks for htw for his hard works coding this at my request a few years ago. I made a personal macro that setup all classes holyshits/downshits from command line like that... :)
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