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Utility MQ2Clipboard 0.1

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Original author: alynel

alynel said:
I got sick of copying locs so I made this. Adds a single command, /clip

  • "/clip <text>" copies text to your clipboard
  • "/clip <command>" runs a command and copies any chat output
  • "/clip start", followed by "/clip stop", will copy any chat output that occurs between the two commands. This copies everything, MQ2 output and normal chat stuff
  • "/clip command" will copy the last command you typed

If you prefix anything with append, e.g. "/clip append <text>", then it will append to the last thing it copied rather than overwriting it


If I type these commands...

Then paste here after the last command...

/clip hello world

hello world

/clip /loc

Your Location is 82.13, -296.06, -23.67, and are heading north by northwest.

/clip command

/clip /loc

/clip start
/echo test
/echo test 123
/clip stop

[MQ2] test
[MQ2] test 123

/clip stuff
/clip append more stuff
/clip append /loc
/clip append command

more stuff
Your Location is 82.13, -296.06, -23.67, and are heading north by northwest.
/if (${Me.Standing} && !${Me.SpellInCooldown} && !${Me.Invis} && !${Me.Buff[Communion of the Cheetah].ID}) /casting "Communion of the Cheetah"

As you can see from that last one MQ2Melee causes it trouble, nothing like a real world test as I post this :p
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