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  • There was a hotfixtoday. DO NOT PATCH EQ or you'll have to wait for the next MQ update (no ETA). You can play without the patch by using patchme or autologin (preferred). If you've already patched EQ you're out of luck, unless you find someone to share the older eqgame.exe (don't ask here).

Utility MQ2AutoLogin

From Knightly,
Autologin Fixes
- Clean up duplicate logic and fix /switchchar (Fixes #311)
- Allow /switchchar and /switchserver to work if you didn't initally log in with Autologin
- Update Pause and Unpause to only work if the state machine is on (Fixes #151)
- Add Override for stopping at character select for Sessions and Station names (Partially addresses #145)
- Add new setting for CharSelectDelay with override for Sessions and Station names (Fixes #146)
- Change /relog command to only be available when logged in (it previously only WORKED when logged in)
- Add writing of global config when WriteAllConfig is set to true

From brainiac,
Autologin improvements
- always progress past splash screens even if autologin isn't active (#379).
- cancel autologin if no profile is active at the connect screen
- add short delay between steps when starting autologin sequence
- improvements to the imgui overlay
- clean up chat messages from autologin
- Cancel autologin at server select if kick attempt is rejected (#404)
Posted by: Redbot