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Milk and Cookie Dispenser

Milk and Cookie Dispenser 1.0

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Updated: 2-23-2018

got back to this changed a few things, now it runs better and it should work properly

Rich (BB code):

Sub Main
    /declare WelcomeStr string \ay Food.mac - \ag Dispensing :
    /declare EndStr string \ay Food.mac - \ag We have enough
    /declare i int local
    /declare ii int local

|---Edit these to fit your dispensing needs---------------

    /declare Food[2] string outer NULL
    /varset Food[1] Warm Milk Dispenser|Warm Milk|10
    /varset Food[2] Fresh Cookie dispenser|Fresh Cookie|10

|---Syntax : ItemToClick|WhatIsDispensed|AmountYouWant---

    /for i 1 to ${Food.Size}
        /varset WelcomeStr ${WelcomeStr}\a-w ${Food[${i}].Arg[2,|]}
        /if (${i} != ${Food.Size}) /varset WelcomeStr ${WelcomeStr}\ag,
    /next i
    /varset WelcomeStr ${WelcomeStr}\ag Please Hold
    /echo ${WelcomeStr}

    /for i 1 to ${Food.Size}
    /if (${FindItem[${Food[${i}].Arg[2,|]}].Stack} <${Food[${i}].Arg[3,|]}) {
        /if (${Me.ItemReady[${Food[${i}].Arg[1,|]}]}) /casting "${Food[${i}].Arg[1,|]}|item"
        /delay 5s !${Me.Casting.ID}
        /delay 2
    /next i
    /for ii 1 to ${Food.Size}   
        /if (${FindItem[${Food[${ii}].Arg[2,|]}].Stack} <${Food[${ii}].Arg[3,|]}) {
        /goto :Loop
    /next ii
    /goto :Exit

    /for i 1 to ${Food.Size}
        /varset EndStr ${EndStr}\a-w ${Food[${i}].Arg[2,|]}
        /if (${i} != ${Food.Size}) /varset EndStr ${EndStr}\ag,
    /next i
    /varset EndStr ${EndStr}\ag For now.
    /echo ${EndStr}

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