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Mem Spell Gems Macro

Utility Mem Spell Gems Macro 1.0

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I am by NO means a coder, but I have coded. My brain works in a linier fashion so I program that way. I don't do a lot of arrays or variables unless I must. So my code can get long, but at least its CLEAR, well to me it is. That being said this is a macro my guildies seem to like so I thought I would share it with the community.

What this macro does is mems a certain spellset for a certain class/level. I use it for testing afnuke. I am currently obsessed with afnuke and am constantly changing spellsets so this is perfect for me. I also have over 100 toons to watch over so its nice to have at least the same class/levels all have the same gem set.

I am sorry you have to right click off your old gems before running this or you have to run it twice. Hopefully I will find code to fix that....


Rich (BB code):
| MemGems.mac 1.0 100Wiz Version 9/6/2015 by Razkle
| To modify for your spellset just replace the spell name in all 4 lines of each gem
| The ECHO line send a tell to your MQ2 window telling you what spell is being memmed or not
| if there are blank gems after you run this, run it a 2nd time or you don't have that spell in your book
| I will update this macro with changes, hopefully one that removes all your gems before it starts to mem
| The MAIN reason I made this macro is I have over 100 toons now and its nice when all my Wizzies have the same spells in the same Gem slot, evertime!
| What I do is make seperate versions of the mac for levels and classes. MemWiz100.mac MemWiz105.mac MemBard105.mac etc...
| IMPORTANT NOTE: For best results remove all your current GEMS before running this! Simply Right Click all your gems to remove them. If not you may have to run this twice to get them all in the right spots

Sub Main
     /echo Memming spells. Hang on.
           /echo Memorizing Spell Ethereal Incandescence in Gem 1
           /memspell 1 "Ethereal Incandescence"
           /memspell 1 "Ethereal Incandescence Rk. II"
           /memspell 1 "Ethereal Incandescence Rk. III"
           /delay 5s
           /echo Memorizing Spell Gosik's Fire in Gem 2
           /memspell 2 "Gosik's Fire"
           /memspell 2 "Gosik's Fire Rk. II"
           /memspell 2 "Gosik's Fire Rk. III"
           /delay 5s
           /echo Memorizing Spell Ethereal Weave in Gem 3
           /memspell 3 "Ethereal Weave"
           /memspell 3 "Ethereal Weave Rk. II"
           /memspell 3 "Ethereal Weave Rk. III"
           /delay 5s
           /echo Memorizing Spell Flashsear in Gem 4
           /memspell 4 "Flashsear"
           /memspell 4 "Flashsear Rk. II"
           /memspell 4 "Flashsear Rk. III"
           /delay 5s
           /echo Memorizing Spell Cloudburst Thunderbolt in Gem 5
           /memspell 5 "Cloudburst Thunderbolt"
           /memspell 5 "Cloudburst Thunderbolt Rk. II"
           /memspell 5 "Cloudburst Thunderbolt Rk. III"
           /delay 5s
           /echo Memorizing Spell Claw of the Flamewing in Gem 6
           /memspell 6 "Claw of the Flamewing"
           /memspell 6 "Claw of the Flamewing Rk. II"
           /memspell 6 "Claw of the Flamewing Rk. III"
           /delay 5s
           /echo Memorizing Spell Flashfreeze in Gem 7
           /memspell 10 "Flashfreeze"
           /memspell 10 "Flashfreeze Rk. II"
           /memspell 10 "Flashfreeze Rk. III"
           /delay 5s
           /echo Memorizing Spell Ethereal Combustion in Gem 8
           /memspell 10 "Ethereal Combustion"
           /memspell 10 "Ethereal Combustion Rk. II"
           /memspell 10 "Ethereal Combustion Rk. III"
           /delay 5s
           /echo Memorizing Spell Concussive Flash in Gem 9
           /memspell 10 "Concussive Flash"
           /memspell 10 "Concussive Flash Rk. II"
           /memspell 10 "Concussive Flash Rk. III"
           /delay 5s
           /echo Memorizing Spell Magmatic Eruption in Gem 10
           /memspell 10 "Magmatic Eruption"
           /memspell 10 "Magmatic Eruption Rk. II"
           /memspell 10 "Magmatic Eruption Rk. III"
           /delay 5s          
           /echo Memorizing Spell Serene Harvest in Gem 11
           /memspell 11 "Serene Harvest"
           /memspell 11 "Serene Harvest Rk. II"
           /memspell 11 "Serene Harvest Rk. III"
           /delay 5s
           /echo Memorizing Spell Knowledge Gate in Gem 12
           /memspell 12 "Knowledge Gate"
           /delay 5s
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