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Guide Maximizing Your MQ2 Experience 06/01/2019

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Software Requirements
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. TLP
  4. Test Server
As of June 21st 2022, this guide is getting an overhaul.

I will archive the old version as I work through the new content.

7/14/2019 - DanNet Conversion / Update incoming soon.

Very Vanilla Set Up and Basic Hotkeys.- You Are Here
ModBot Utilization and ModBot Specific Hotkeys. - Coming soon
KissAssist Utilization and ModBot Specific Hotkeys. - Coming Soon
MQ2Events and Example Events - Coming Soon
ISBoxer Setup - Coming Soon

This guide is for those that want to get in to boxing and using VeryVanilla but don't have "a buddy" to help them get going.

There are many fine resources available on this site, as well as a very active Discord community for those that get stumped along the way.


This is an absolute must. I also feel that this is the biggest thing that most people struggle with when trying to set up their EQ box crew.

Once you get EQBC set up, continue on with my guide.

Visit this setup guide HERE

So now let's discuss EQBC a little bit. Is it the most user friendly? Probably not, but now that it's set up half the battle is over.

So they way that I found the easiest to set up channels was to actually just go into the MQ2EQBC.ini and modify that.

So for example, if I wanted my clerics / shamans / druids in a channel I would go into the .ini and create an entry as follows.

Channels=Healers Modbot
Channels=Healers Modbot
Channels=Healers Modbot

Why? So basically there are multiple reasons I do this. I don't run all of my toons on ModBot , and additionally the placement of my casters is usually different from my melee toons.
So I can do things like this...
/bct healers //multiline ; /stick off ; /makecamp on 1 ; /timed 10 /mqp off
/bct modbot //multiline ; /mac modbot ; /timed 10 /varset TankName <Tankname> ; /timed 20 /mb letsroll

So think of channels like a client to client tell, except for you have defined which clients you want to belong to that group. When you issue a /bct healers //command you are essentially communicating with multiple toons at once. This eliminates the need for multiple lines on hotkeys.

I'm not going in to great detail on how to use channels as your usage and need for them may vary from mine. This was just a brief introduction to channels and hopefully helps you set them up and solve some of the confusion surrounding them.


This is probably one of my favorite plugins, a real game changer.

There are several layers to using this plugin, but it is 100% worth taking the time to configure this plugin correctly. Why ? I use /nav wp's in almost every zone I frequent, because I am that lazy person who hates running zone to zone. I also use /nav wp for my triggers in MQ2Events which make raiding on 18 toons possible. I'll get in to that more later, but lets get MQ2Nav set up and going.

First things first. You are going to need a set of Nav Meshes for all of the zones. Kaen01's nav meshes are some of my favorite and have been less buggy than others. You can download those HERE.

Download those, drop them in your nav mesh folder inside of MQ.

For more detailed information, see the actual MQ2Nav resource page HERE.

So once you get your Nav Meshes downloaded and dropped in the right folder it's time to turn the beast on.

/bcaa //plugin MQ2Nav Load
/bcaa //nav reload

That's it. Now when you zone these Nav's will automatically load the zone you are in on every client, assuming you have a Nav Mesh for this zone.

Commands from the MQ2Nav Resource itself.

    /nav Target Navigate to your current target.
    /nav Stop Stop navigation.
    /nav Pause Pause navigation.
    /nav ui toggle displaying the in-game user interface
    /nav [save | load] Save/Load settings.
    /nav Reload Reload Navmesh.
    /nav Recordwaypoint <waypoint name> <waypoint tag> create a waypoint.
    /nav loc X Y Z Navigate to coordinates.
    /nav Item [click] [once] Navigate to item (and click it)
    /nav Door Navigate to door/option (and click it)
    /nav wp <waypoint> Navigate to waypoint.
    /nav help shows in-game help

So how do I use it? Here are a few examples.
Nav All Clients to Me
/bca //nav id ${Me.ID}
Nav EQBC Channel to My Target
/bct melee //nav ${Me.Target}


This plugin is worth getting to understand and use. I use a lot of my stuff in here that I want to keep on, like auras. I'm not going to go in deep on this one, but here are some examples from my .ini that I use to maintain my Aura's. Obviously you will want to edit the spell name /effect to match that of your current aura.
downshit1=/if (${Me.PctMana}>20 && !${Me.Song[Aura of Life Effect].ID} && !${Me.Invis} && !${Me.Moving}) /casting "Aura of Life"
downshit1=/if (${Spell[Master's Aura].Stacks[0]} && !${Me.Aura[Master's Aura].ID} && !${Me.Moving} && !${Me.Invis}) /disc Master's Aura


This is a very simple, but effective plugin.
/bcaa //plugin MQ2Yes
So, essentially this replaces the need to click over to every single characters screen you are running to accept a trade , accept an AE TL , and even accept a task add or raid invite. Pretty much anything that has a Yes or No option this simple command will cover it for you. When I am moving tradeskill mats from one toon to another toon , or krono , and plat I don't even fool with hitting trade on each toon. I simply spam my "Yes" hotkey. This accepts the trades on both clients without me having to manually click the boxes.
/bcaa //yes

MQ2EQWire - Optional Premium Plugin ($10) Get it Here

I box anywhere from 18 to 36 toons and EQ is awful at using CPU utilization > GPU memory. I have seen my CPU at times at 98% before I started using MQ2EQwire. When I loaded this magical plugin for the first time I saw my CPU useage go from 89% to 22%, that's right. It dropped my CPU utilization a whopping 67% (don't quote me on that math it wasn't my strong point in school.)

Anyways, for me I was glad to pay the 10$, after every VV update you have to redownload the plugin, but no big deal.

/bcaa //plugin MQ2EQWire

Extremely Basic Hotkeys
Exp Group
/invite CharacterName
/invite CharacterName
/invite CharacterName
/invite CharacterName
/invite CharacterName

Raid Group
/invite CharacterName
/invite CharacterName
/invite CharacterName
/invite CharacterName
/invite CharacterName

Raid Invite
/raidinvite CharacterName
/raidinvite CharacterName
/raidinvite CharacterName
/raidinvite CharacterName
/raidinvite CharacterName

Raid Disband All
/bcaa //raiddisband

Kick Expedition
/kickp exp
/pause 5

Kick Task
/kickp Task
/pause 5

General Movement

Click Door
/bcaa //doortarget
/pause 5
/bcaa //click left door

Nav Me
/bca //nav id ${Me.ID}

Group Nav Me
/bcg //nav id ${Me.ID}

Progression Server Follow Invis
/multiline ; /bcaa //makecamp off ; /bca //stick id ${Me.ID} 10 uw  ; /bcaa //mqp on ; /bcaa //dismount ; /bct bards //twist stop ; /bct bards //twist 9

Progression Server Follow Group Invis
/multiline ; /bcga //makecamp off ; /bcg //stick id ${Me.ID} 10 uw  ; /bcga //mqp on ; /bcga //dismount ; /bct <bardname> //twist stop ; /bct <bardname> //twist 9

Progression Server Follow Selos
/multiline ; /bcaa //makecamp off ; /bca //stick id ${Me.ID} 10 uw  ; /bcaa //mqp on ; /bcaa //dismount ; /bct bards //twist stop ; /bct bards //twist 8

Progression Server Follow Group Selos
/multiline ; /bcga //makecamp off ; /bcg //stick id ${Me.ID} 10 uw  ; /bcga //mqp on ; /bcga //dismount ; /bct <bardname> //twist stop ; /bct <bardname> //twist 8

Live Server Follow Invis
/multiline ; /bcaa //makecamp off ; /bca //stick id ${Me.ID} 10 uw  ; /bcaa //mqp on ; /bcaa //dismount ; /bct bards //twist stop ; /bct bards //alt act 3704 ; /bct bards //alt act 231

Live Server Follow Group Invis
/multiline ; /bcga //makecamp off ; /bcg //stick id ${Me.ID} 10 uw  ; /bcga //mqp on ; /bcga //dismount ; /bct <bardname> //twist stop ; /bct <bardname> //alt act 3704 ; /bct <bardname> //alt act 231

Live Server Follow Selos
/multiline ; /bcaa //makecamp off ; /bca //stick id ${Me.ID} 10 uw  ; /bcaa //mqp on ; /bcaa //dismount ; /bct bards //twist stop ; /bct bards //alt act 3704

Live Server Follow Group Selos
/multiline ; /bcga //makecamp off ; /bcg //stick id ${Me.ID} 10 uw  ; /bcga //mqp on ; /bcga //dismount ; /bct <bardname> //twist stop ; /bct <bardname> //alt act 3704

Assist Hotkeys

Assist All
/bca //tar id ${Target.ID}
/multiline ; /bct melee //mqp off ; /bct melee //stick 12 rear ; /bct melee //attack on
/multiline ; /bct casters //stick off ; /bct casters //mqp off ; /bct casters //makecamp on 1 ; /bct casters //pet attack
/multiline ; /bct healers //stick off ; /bct healers //mqp off ; /bct healers //makecamp on 1
/bct tanks //mqp off

Change Target
/bca //keypress esc
/bca //tar id ${Target.ID}
/multiline ; /bct melee //mqp off ; /bct melee //stick 12 rear ; /bct melee //attack on
/multiline ; /bct casters //stick off ; /bct casters //mqp off ; /bct casters //pet attack

Nav Target
/bct melee //nav id ${Target.ID}

Raid Hotkeys

/bcaa //multiline ; /stick off ; /sit; /mqp on
/bct bards //multiline ; /twist end ; /timed 40 /twist 1

Force Cure
/bct <charactername> //multiline ; /stop cast ; /casting "word of vivification"
/bct <charactername> //multiline ; /stop cast ; /casting "blood of nadox"

Radiant Cure
/bct <charactername> //multiline ; /stop cast ; /alt act 153

Set Xtarget for Healers
/multiline ; /bct healername //xtar set 2 tank ; /bct healername2 //xtar set 3 tank ; /bct healername //xtar set 1 tank3

MGB Heal / Anything
--these are really examples above all else. Grow on these from here using your own spells and alt codes.
/bct toonname //multiline ; /stop cast ; /alt act 35 ; /casting "Hand of Conviction" 8
/bct toonname //multiline ; /stop cast ; /bct toonname /alt act 35 ; /bct toonname /alt act 38
or if berserker
/bct toonname //multiline ; /alt act 505 ; /disc Ancient: Cry of Chaos

Misc. Hotkeys

Turn In
--edit for your npc / item name you need to hand in--
/bcga //itemnotify "Norrath's Keepers Token" leftmouseup
/bcga //target tatsujiro
/bcga //click left target
/timed 10 /bcga //notify GiveWnd GVW_Give_Button leftmouseup

Gate Raid
/bcaa //mulitiline /useitem Philter of Major Translocation ; /timed 20 /bcaa /casting "Gate" 9

Gate Group
/bcga //multiline ; /useitem Philter of Major Translocation ; /timed 20 /bcga /casting "Gate" 9

Coth Me
/bct <magename> //multiline ;  /tar ID ${Me.ID} ; /casting "Call of the Hero" 7 ; /gsay Call of The Hero Incoming on %T

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