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Guide Maximizing Your MQ2 Experience 06/01/2019

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  • Created new guides specific for ModBot , KissAssist Hotkeys
  • Coming Soon - Guide for MQ2Events / ISboxer

This isn't a definitive list of all the hotkeys you may need , or even use as we all have specific taste / needs. Please feel free to submit feedback / useful hotkeys and I will add them to this list once a week.

If you find any bugs in any of these, or they're not working properly shoot me a PM.

Check out my other guides, coming soon!

Updated the downloadable .txt / .ini file. All commands are now tested to be working and have been edited where needed.

Please let me know if you have any issues with these hotkeys and I will update.

I would consider this the final update of the .ini/.txt file for this.

Save you a local copy and edit in your character names where required.

What's Next?

* Well I'm about to walk down the road that is ModBot set up and utilization so I'l likely document that for the masses. It's an intimidating process and learning something new is always "fun" , but just playing with it on my cleric and the control is great.

* Also, I will edit the main resource of this page to reflect new information that I have included in the download file from this guide once I get it typed up so I can just copy it all at once.

* I will include screen shots of some of the parts just in case people need it to be more visual
* Updated download-able / edit-able .ini file for you to save as a local copy and edit to make copying and pasting an easier process.

*New CoTH Commands
*New Gate Commands
*EQBC Server Commands so you can copy paste easier into EQ.
*MQ2Melee Command so you can edit them for your useage
*MQ2Melee Command for auto use of HoT Pots @ 40% or you can define your own value.

* Had some issues with formatting because I am a nub.

To Do
*Edit Resource Guide to reflect changes in the downloadable .ini file.
I will try to complete this by 4/27/19 as I am going to really go through this guide and get the formatting set up better.

Coming Soon
*ISboxer Quick Setup Guide wrote by a human.
*MQ2Melee Holy / Downs explained for the average non-coder.



* Added a download button for the editable text file. I always save my files in .ini format because of the text editor I use, but notepad will open it just fine and allow you to modify these keys with your character names.

* Added a few new commands to here. Will re-adjust main body formatting later this evening.


Fixed some id ${Me.ID} issues I didn't catch until I went to put these all on my toons.
*First "rough draft" of this guide posted. Updates to follow.