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[Macro] GroundGrab.mac

Utility [Macro] GroundGrab.mac 1.0

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Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, Test Server
|GroundGrab.mac by Chatwiththisname
|v1.0 ~ Initial release 3/9/2018
|Usage: /mac GroundGrab item name I want ~~ /mac GroundGrab corn rose
| Also accepts partial name. /mac GroundGrab corn
|Purpose: Will navigate a zone and pick up any ground spawn you've
| specified. Will react to aggro (XTargets) to stop navigation
| and kill the add before resuming to it's destination.

Tested in misty thicket for "green leaf"
and tested in oceangreen hills for "corn rose" while reacting to adds.

Kaen01. I know you would prefer I use /nav item, no. lol.

Requirements: MQ2Nav with a mesh created for the zone you want to use it in.
~~~~~~~~~The ability to kill targets in the zone you are navigating.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Love this macro. Added it to my collection. :) Great piece of work. Thanks.