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[Macro] GroundGrab.mac

Unmaintained [Macro] GroundGrab.mac 2020-05-24

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This resource has been replaced by MQ2GroundSpawns. https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/mq2groundspawns.1962/

|GroundGrab.mac by Chatwiththisname
|v1.0 ~ Initial release 3/9/2018
|Usage: /mac GroundGrab item name I want ~~ /mac GroundGrab corn rose
| Also accepts partial name. /mac GroundGrab corn
|Purpose: Will navigate a zone and pick up any ground spawn you've
| specified. Will react to aggro (XTargets) to stop navigation
| and kill the add before resuming to it's destination.

Tested in misty thicket for "green leaf"
and tested in oceangreen hills for "corn rose" while reacting to adds.

Kaen01. I know you would prefer I use /nav item, no. lol.

Requirements: MQ2Nav with a mesh created for the zone you want to use it in.
~~~~~~~~~The ability to kill targets in the zone you are navigating.
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Latest updates

  1. skip impossible groundspawns

    I made some headway today getting this macro to skip groundspawns that can't be navigated to...

Latest reviews

Wow! Game changer! TYVM. It works great!
Absolutely Freaking Amazing ...you guys rock!! ROLL TIDE!!
Good macro. Tried using it in Brell's Rest to collect Brell's Bounty. Once I finally figured out that the "item_name" it needs in order to work is simply "Brell's Bounty", my toon took off. Unfortunately, I got a message that about half a dozen of them were "not navigable". This makes me think maybe some minor tweaking may be in order?
Very simple and works great!
Thank you
Love this macro. Added it to my collection. :) Great piece of work. Thanks.