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lvl 90 Beastlord

Level 90 Beastlord
Group INI w/ notes for solo changes.
LOTS of other notes below, lot of funkiness with beastlords and advice/workarounds listed below.
My campradiusexceed and pull radius are set to the last camp i was doing - these should be changed to whatever you're doing when afk!

Buffs1=Paragon of Spirit|MANA|51
Buffs2=Focused Paragon of Spirits|MANA|91
Buffs3=Pact of the Wurine
Buffs4=Spiritual Enhancement Rk. II
Buffs5=Spiritual Valor Rk. II
Buffs6=Focus of Emiq Rk. II
Buffs7=Callous Ferocity Rk. II
Buffs19=Savage Chestguard
Buffs20=Familiar of the Emerald Jungle
Buffs21=Dragorn War Mask
Buffs22=Steelspike Belt
Buffs23=Slagshard Earring
Buffs24=Anguished Totem
Buffs25=Symbol of the Overlord
Buffs26=Doom Snake's Collar
Buffs27=Intricately Carved Visor of Treant Bark
Buffs28=Lisjani's Protective Choker
Buffs29=Ring of the Fearborn
Buffs30=Cloak of Moss
DPS1=Sha's Reprisal Rk. II|100
DPS2=Callous Ferocity Rk. II|100|MA
DPS3=Chameleon Strike
DPS4=Rush Rk. II
DPS5=Tuzil's Feralgia Rk. II|0
DPS6=Shout at the Moon Rk. II|95
DPS7=Shiverback Endemic Rk. II|95
DPS8=Spinechiller Blood Rk. II|95
DPS9=Kron's Maelstrom Rk. II|80
DPS10=Frozen Venin Rk. II|70
DPS11=Glacial Lance Rk. II|50
DPS12=Sarsez' Bite Rk. II|30
Heals1=Jorra's Mending Rk. II|25
PetSpell=Spirit of Averc
PetBuffs1=Bolstering Warder Rk. II
PetBuffs2=Incomparable Velocity Rk. II
PetBuffs3=Neivr's Aggression Rk. II
PetBuffs4=Spirit of Kron RK. II
PetBuffs5=Hobble of Spirits
PetBuffs6=Spiritcaller Totem of the Feral
Burn1=Fundament: Third Spire of the Savage Lord
Burn2=Group Bestial Alignment
Burn3=Frenzy of Spirit
Burn4=Nature's Fury Rk. II
Burn5=Empathic Fury
Burn6=Abstruse Wildroar Tunic

[General Notes]
Spaces added to INI to improve readability, Help= tags added to mark all clicky buffs, it makes it much easier to find which you need if you need to check upgrades etc.

[DPS Notes]

I have a short timer on my dps (3s) and sometimes go as low as (2s), but i have a lot of mana coming my way. YMMV so dont be afraid to change it to 6 or even higher.

Due to the short base timer (even with the new 12m one) fero will not autocast on your whole group from buffs= and is not planned on changing at this time to my knowledge. You can force it to stay up on whoever kiss has as your MA by entering it as I have.

Rake (and foray / rush etc) must be entered in your dps and turned OFF in mq2melee. This is because, if you are a good beastlord you're MQ2melee will be chain activating the Bestial Vivisection disc/combat art. Rake (and flurry, which shouldn't be autoactivated anyway) are also considered disc/combat arts by mq2melee, despite having no timers, so will not be used while vivisection is up. And because vivisection has a higher priority in the plugin, when it goes down, it will simply recast vivisection and not use your rake attack! Keep it at the top to make sure it is used quickly as it pops (kiss goes down the line, checks if stuff is ready and if its a constant effect such as slow, whether it needs to be reapplied, so putting it at the top you will use it much more often than the bottom)

Feralgia and the Swarm pet. Currently Tuzil's Feralgia is a placeholder set to activate never (0 hp tag). Right now Feralgia will just chain cast, wasting mana. It is planned to be coded later to recognize the buffs so that it will not cast while the growl recourse is on you. In the future with feralgia (and the NEXT line as your swarm pet) KISS would cast feralgia, then the next time its up it will recognize the recourse is still up, and go to the next line (regular swarm pet) and cast that instead, saving you mana). For now, you must cast feralgia manually (or live without if AFKing). I havn't bothered adding the growl buff to my buffs, I can live without it while afk lol.

Others: I use my instant dots first as I dont start nuking til 80% on this, then the top 2 dps/efficient nukes are up. I include our top 30s timer nukes after but put them on a much lower hp to help prevent mana drain so fast. You should tweak these values or disable with |0 depending on your mana regen aa/buffs etc. Once Maskoi adds the ability to use mana abilities (focus paragon!) in combat, this will be easier to do and you can raise the hp values more.

[Heal Notes]
Just a simple spot heal at 25% or lower, remove if you dont want this.

[Pet Notes]
Self explanatory, but at the moment KISS will recast your epic buff EVERY 3 minutes without fail. Also, most of the time if a pet buff wears off (or pet dies) in combat, you will recast/rebuff it. Maskoi knows about this issue.

[Pull Notes]
I have pull set to our slow spell. If the mob is slowed on inc, the DPS entry for slow will still trigger (it doesn't track the debuff on pull, not sure if that will change, but dont expect it to). This is not a bad thing however as if slow on pull is resisted, you will try again up to two more times once the mob is in camp. This section will only function if you change role=assist to role=puller.

[Burn Notes]
The good stuff!
This burn section is tailored for my party, my playstyle, and the fact that i have multiple melee (lots of pets) that benefit from my group discs. If soloing you should change out Third Spire for First Spire (or 2nd if pet tanking) and Group Bestial Alignment to the self Bestial Alignment.

Some caveats. All of this will stack together. Some things will override others (mostly some self/pet only effects that are stronger than some of the group bonuses). Contrary to a post in a thread where maskoi posted a snippet of this, empathic fury is not a waste in this. It has greater bonuses than other discs in some spots and also gives +100% chance to critical with all skills.

If you swap to self bestial alignment, if you have rank 3 or less it wont add any extra damage over empathic fury (same 100% bonus or less to damage modifier). Rank 4 boost this to 125%. Empathic still gives 400% to minimum and 100% crit though!

Frenzy of spirit. I assume you have max worn/buff haste to 200% so the haste wont help, however the huge attack boost will, and stacks with ferocity. It also has a hundred hands effect (-10% weapon delay) that will not stack with natures fury (which gives -12% delay to group), but last longer than natures fury, so once it goes down you still have reduced weapon delay.

IMPORTANT: If you are using KISS while AFK (or just lazy) you MUST DISABLE EMPATHIC FURY. This disc targets your pet to fire and does not retarget the mob, kiss usually/always gets stuck and will not retarget the mob. So you will have all this crazy DPS stacked on yourself doing NOTHING.

I've gone over the entire burn throughout lucy, this pretty top notch stuff. If you have stuff/clickies i dont have etc, add them, modify it to your own style. But you may want to check lucy for stacking.

This should be a great starting point though.

[How the @#*% did you get all those slots? My KISS macro wont use all the extra entries!]
You obviously didn't RTFM, but I will help you anyway (this time).
Open your latest kissassist.mac file in your favorite text editor. Find the entries you want to increase using the find function (usually control + F in windows apps)

Search for
Rich (BB code):
/declare buffs
/declare dps
/declare heals
/declare petbuffs
/declare burn

Each of these will have a number in parenthesis next to them, like so

Rich (BB code):
/declare buffs(15)

Simply change the number to how many slots you want/need and save the macro. The next time you load/reload kissassist it will automatically add the entries to your INI if you havn't done it yourself already.
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