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Quest / Event Hatchery.mac 1.60

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Other Authors
TheDroidUrLookingFor, Jande,Dannuic,Kaen - And Discord in general for helping me along the way!
Software Requirements

MQ2Cast_Spell_Routines.inc (Included with Very Vanilla Compile)
Server Type
Live, Test Server
Keep in mind if you run this macro you're in Plane of Knowledge!

- Automatic instance flipping until stopped
- PowerLevels up to 5 Characters
- Configurations for Self Buffs and Spells
- Enable/Disable Sitting during pull until below set percent HP
- Adds PBAE Caster to MQ2AutoAccept automatically
- Tank pulls the entire hatchery back to the entrance
- Your Ae Caster will Cast gem 1 Once Tank has aggro
- Made for 105 Shadowknight out of the box
-- Shadowknight will use AoE Aggro spells to hold mob aggro once they are all pulled
-- Recomend you mem 3 Single Target Aggro and 2 Aoe aggro in gems 7-13 1 Lifetap 1 Dico Tap if u want

- For quicker PowerLeveling make sure to /claim Gift of Legacies Lost. This box contains 10 free adventure potions for bonus experience!
- Setup PL group in front of Destrea
- By default this macro is made to run on a 105 Shadowknight.
-- If running a different level ShadowKnight modify Spells section.
- Make sure Any PBAE caster is the leader of your PowerLevel group.
- Make sure They have a PBAE Spell gemmed in gem slot #1.
- Make sure you generate a Nav Mesh for The Hatchery before running the macro.
- Modify the top part of the file inserting Ds Mage's name,Damage Shield Spells name, And Modify The 6 Buff Slots to what You need if not 105. gems 1-6
- Once everything is configured run the macro on your Shadowknight While in a Group with Your Plees, PBAE caster as The Leader

This Macro requires MQ2Dannet to be Running on All toons In Use! It will Auto Load on Your SK but you must Manually Load it /plugin mq2dannet On all others The first time.
Also Create 2 Bandoliers One Named Noripo - Ideally with 2 firebeetle eyes.
A Second Called Wurm - With a Honed Wurmslayer and a shield ( anyweapon will work but WS rune makes this macro Much better)
Works great 1-75 Post 50 I would Recommend a Honed Wurmslayer.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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very much yes.
Works like a charm, only thing to recommend is give your puller a stein or something that does 0 damage in their main hand