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Quest / Event Hatchery.mac 2023-04-03

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Other Authors
TheDroidUrLookingFor, Jande,Dannuic,Kaen - And Discord in general for helping me along the way!
Software Requirements

MQ2Cast_Spell_Routines.inc (Included with Very Vanilla Compile)
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
Keep in mind if you run this macro you're in Plane of Knowledge!

- Automatic instance flipping until stopped
- PowerLevels up to 5 Characters
- Automatically Selects and Mems All Spells. - Provided you Have the Spells
- Enable/Disable Sitting during pull until below set percent HP
- Adds PBAE Caster to MQ2AutoAccept automatically
- Tank pulls the entire hatchery back to the entrance
- Your Ae Caster will Cast gem 8 Once Tank has aggro
- Made for 85 & Up Shadowknight out of the box
-- Shadowknight will use AoE Aggro spells to hold mob aggro once they are all pulled

- For quicker PowerLeveling make sure to /claim Gift of Legacies Lost. This box contains 10 free adventure potions for bonus experience!
- Setup PL group in front of Destrea
- Make sure Any PBAE caster is the leader of your PowerLevel group.
- Make sure They have a PBAE Spell gemmed in gem slot #8
- Make sure you generate a Nav Mesh for The Hatchery before running the macro.
- Modify the top part of the file inserting Damage Shield Casters Name & the Shield they are Using Lvl 115 DS tend to be to strong to be useful.
- Once everything is configured run the macro on your Shadowknight While in a Group with Your Plees, PBAE caster as The Leader

This Macro requires MQ2Dannet Be Running On The SK and The Groupleader- if you have eqbc running it will Load Dannet Automatically for these 2 toons.
You need to
Create 2 Bandoliers
One Named Noripo - Ideally with 2 firebeetle eyes or Any 2 other items Like Tradeskill trophys that You cannot deal Riposite Dmg with.
A Second Called Wurm - With a Honed Wurmslayer and a shield ( anyweapon will work but WS rune makes this macro Much better)
Works great 1-75 Post 60 I would Recommend a Honed Wurmslayer.
Max Level i have been successful Running to is 85 - This was not IDEAL for the time spent it was just to see what Could be done. I still Recommend Stopping around 75 and heading to a Zone.
First release
Last update
4.83 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Updated Hatchery - Fixed Exit & Tightened timings!

    So i was levelling a friend of mines toons and cracked out my Old hatchery and even the one...
  2. 2.2

    Okay - rather than adding a delay, I actually added a check/loop in the Kicktask subroutine, so...
  3. Slight spell Changes and Bug fix.

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Latest reviews

works great must have dannet and eqbc running
Solid macro - used it this past weekend and took my little bst from 10-60 with ease. Very few hiccups - mostly with the SK being pushed out of the zone sometimes - just play attended and you will see it happening and correct for the win.
Does the job. Good stuff. Gonna play with this one for a bit. :)
New User Review: I'm not a coder and this is one of the first add-ons that I really used...The instructions may seem intimidating, but try it - It is worth putting the time into learning. Ask questions on the forums, if you have them (I found the instructions for this a bit light). People here are super helpful, and nice, and patience. Most importantly they don't treat your questions as "dumb".

I took the time to get the Wurmslayer first for my SK - I would highly recommend doing that! I'm going to get one for every one of my SKs now.

The only step that I did not do was to map the zone first. Because watching the VV load windows, I saw that it was auto done as I entered each zone. I didn't have any issues skipping this step, and I ran this 30+- times.

Pro hint: don't use a Damage Shield (from an outside mage) until the mobs inside are higher level. I chose level 50 - YMMV. *

* by using the DS too early I didn't get credit for 90+% of the zone because they died too early. If you wait until later you shouldn't need as many runs as I did. Or, do more editing to the mac and gradually increase the DS as the mobs level.

I did have my bard dies a few times when he got aggro. My SK had a merc healer and wasn't ever in danger of dying. My party had a cleric, but the cleric didn't heal my bard. Likely that is by design (so the mobs only killed the bard and not the whole party), or I could have messed up something. Exp was so fast that I didn't bother to rez him, I just paused, released and waited 3 minutes and kept going.

The description said that it should mem spells for toons as they level. It never did for me. I just paused it every 5-10 levels and scibed them myself. As I was running CWTN files too, and had to shut those down to run this, maybe I shut down too much?

I would suggest you know how to start, stop, and pause the macro before going in - I found that super helpful.

This was very fun to watch run btw. I can't wait to do it again.
Fantastic Macro. Will use it again.
How do i start this? it isnt clear what to do to make it start doing its thing.
When you run it with a wizard, during the Cskills up...the wiz will keep rooting itself...so you may need another toon to do the PBAE...
Worked great for my bard 20-75.