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Good's EverQuest Map Pack

Utility Good's EverQuest Map Pack 2020-12-04

Other Authors
Goodurden, Comp
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
Goodurden makes extremely detailed maps for EQ, and they should be on your hard drive.

He posts release updates and answers questions in this thread:


How to.PNG

Extract the file inside your Everquest map folder or drag and drop the content of the zip *Inside* your main eq *maps* folder. In game, open the map window.

You will see a scrolling tab labeled default on the top left corner of the map window .

Left click it and scroll down to Good's Maps... Voila!

Mapping Index
(GM) = Grand Master
(Q) = Quest
(T) = Solo Task
(Mi) = Mission
(M) = Merchant
(R) = Raid
(GS) = Ground Spawn
(S) = Spell
(D) = Disc
(P) = Parcel

Blue = for non agro NPCs
Dark Blue = NPCs that are involved in a quest but does not start it. Spells/discs vendors also get to be dark!
Dark Turquoise for the GMs in town or instances information inside agressive zones.
Red = Hunter achievement bosses
* = Roaming NPCs
Dark red = Quests target with medium size(2) and raid bosses with large size(3)
Black = ground spawn and quest updates
Dark Orange = Zones Areas
Pink = Zone lines and portals

Base: The Zone lines
Layer 1: Non agro NPCs: (M)erchants, (T)asks, (Q)uests, (Mi)ssions (R)aid etc.
Layer 2: Quests/Tasks/Missions informations and updates, ground spawn, containers, camp or any usefull zone informations.
Layer 3: Zone Wide Rare often used for achievements or treasures dropper. Will also use layer 3 in towns and non agressive zones to isolate layer 1 from been over crowded. Making them often hard to read. In that case, guild masters and spell/disc vendors will be moved there.

Donations accepted but not required. Add a note with your RG username @
[email protected]
via the in-game parcels
;tell xegony.Goodurden for any mistakes, ideas or if you need any help.
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Latest updates

  1. updates & donation info

    11-29-2020 Reupped the pack for a small fix with 11-29-2020. The file westwastestwo_1.txt had P...
  2. Call of Veeshan Maps & Ground Spawns

    COV Maps added, ground spawns updated for September.
  3. 2-25 groundspawns & 3-18 map update

    Just added the Collection Ground Spawns pack 2-25-2020 Happy shiny hunting!