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Good's EverQuest Map Pack

Utility Good's EverQuest Map Pack 2022-04-25

Other Authors
Goodurden, Comp
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
Goodurden makes extremely detailed maps for EQ, and they should be on your hard drive.

He posts release updates and answers questions in this thread:


How to.PNG

Extract the file inside your Everquest map folder or drag and drop the content of the zip *Inside* your main eq *maps* folder. In game, open the map window.

You will see a scrolling tab labeled default on the top left corner of the map window .

Left click it and scroll down to Good's Maps... Voila!

Mapping Index
(GM) = Grand Master (Q) = Quest (T) = Solo Task (Mi) = Mission (M) = Merchant (R) = Raid (GS) = Ground Spawn (S) = Spell (D) = Disc (P) = Parcel

Blue = for non agro NPCs Dark Blue = NPCs that are involved in a quest but does not start it. Spells/discs vendors also get to be dark! Dark Turquoise for the GMs in town or instances information inside agressive zones. Red = Hunter achievement bosses * = Roaming NPCs Dark red = Quests target with medium size(2) and raid bosses with large size(3) Black = ground spawn and quest updates Dark Orange = Zones Areas Pink = Zone lines and portals

Base: The Zone lines
Layer 1: Non agro NPCs: (M)erchants, (T)asks, (Q)uests, (Mi)ssions (R)aid etc. Layer 2: Quests/Tasks/Missions informations and updates, ground spawn, containers, camp or any usefull zone informations. Layer 3: Zone Wide Rare often used for achievements or treasures dropper. Will also use layer 3 in towns and non agressive zones to isolate layer 1 from been over crowded. Making them often hard to read. In that case, guild masters and spell/disc vendors will be moved there.

Donations accepted but not required. Add a note with your RG username @
[email protected]
via the in-game parcels
;tell xegony.Goodurden for any mistakes, ideas or if you need any help.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

Latest updates

  1. updated Good's, groundspawns and Raid's maps

    Mostly ToL updates
  2. ToL updates

    Good's maps updated for Terror of Luclin
  3. updates & donation info

    11-29-2020 Reupped the pack for a small fix with 11-29-2020. The file westwastestwo_1.txt had P...

Latest reviews

Excellent level of detail on the maps. Thank you for every bit of the time and effort in creating them.
better than brewalls