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Good's EverQuest Map Pack

Utility Good's EverQuest Map Pack 2019-01-07

Added back pofire layer 3 into the pack which contain the rares... sorry about that, kinda did a alot on speed near end of beta due to my health issues

Also, I usually dont like color coding maps if I dont have to but I think doing it for Mearatas was worth it. If your like me and like to even out or fix your faction, Mearatas is a great zone to do it. I color coded each wings with Air, Earth, Fire, Water and let the neutral area at is. Just kill 2 factions that you are capped with to increase the one your are low with.

The middle rares also got there faction type added which increase it by 40. I though at first they had to do with the other non armor rares or chance to spawn depending what type of mobs you kill in zone but I guess I was over thinking it lol...

Updated the pack with TBL Maps that include the base layer and layer 1 and made a list of everyone that did a donation or contributed on helping to receive layer 2 and 3, 24 hrs before TBL goes live. Check you email then