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Good's EverQuest Map Pack

Utility Good's EverQuest Map Pack 12-16-2019

Good's Maps got updated with the Torment of Velious. This only includes the base layer, layer 1 and some of the layer 2. The full layers pack will be available only through donation for the next few months. I will send the special pack through emails attributed to the donations if any... otherwise, safe travelling.
updated ToV maps
Good's ToV maps added
Mar 16 2019
Reupped GMM with fixed height filter... Should be able to keep the height filter on 100% of the time at 50 50. I also fixed each floors with colored lines that hint on which floor the path will take you.

Jan 31 2019
The Collection Ground Spawn pack is back with almost 400 TBL collection location across all 6 zones.

Added back pofire layer 3 into the pack which contain the rares... sorry about that, kinda did a alot on speed near end of beta due to my health issues

Also, I usually dont like color coding maps if I dont have to but I think doing it for Mearatas was worth it. If your like me and like to even out or fix your faction, Mearatas is a great zone to do it. I color coded each wings with Air, Earth, Fire, Water and let the neutral area at is. Just kill 2 factions that you are capped with to increase the one your are low with.

The middle rares also got there faction type added which increase it by 40. I though at first they had to do with the other non armor rares or chance to spawn depending what type of mobs you kill in zone but I guess I was over thinking it lol...

Updated the pack with TBL Maps that include the base layer and layer 1 and made a list of everyone that did a donation or contributed on helping to receive layer 2 and 3, 24 hrs before TBL goes live. Check you email then