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Explore.Mac - An Explorer / Traveler Achievement Macro

Quest / Event Explore.Mac - An Explorer / Traveler Achievement Macro 1.3.1

Updated routes that use the PoK Great Divide or Shar Vahl to now select the appropriate version of the zone.
v1.3 FixesChanges-
- Updated to reflect switch from MQ2 to MQ (Next)
- Fixed spelling of "Bobbing Corpse" in levAbility detection routine
- Fixed (as far as possible) error message echo upon macro termination
- Fixed INI hardcoded relative reference to MQ2NAV.ini location.
- Fixed inescapable macro-pausing loop when evac / gate / Throne / etc abilities and potions are exhausted
- Fixed invalid invocation of the window DoOpen method in SpecialEvents and RoF routes
- Fixed method call for toggling MQ2NAV's auto open door behavior
- Changed from Invis to IVU when exploring ToV Eastern Wastes
- Fixed error when buying guild port stones if player had more than 2.17M plat on hand (Integer limit)
- Removed MQ2Autoloot. Pick your own loot solution and keep the cursor clear.
- Updated some condition handling for a better experience in the RoF route
- Changed default comms to Dannet over EQBS
- Other crap I forgot to make notes on

Associated Updates
- New Mesh for North Ro (so the zombies are avoided when doing LDoN Explorer)
*** ToV Route Added ***
- Can start with /mac explore tov
- Will run Torment of Velious Zones
-- Use of a merc is **HIGHLY** recommended - Not responsible for you dying.
- Will use IVU AA/Potions if available

*** Fixes ***
- Bards (Fix)
-- Due to DBG Change to Selo's, Bards would 'stutter-step' while continuously trying to recast Selo's
-- Updated the necessary sub to recognize the new Selo's versions

*** Enhancements ***
- Potion Buying (Improvements)
-- Will buy and use IVU Potions
-- Parcel Pickup portion of PotionRestock improved
-- Added a Max-Plat-Per-Potion entry to the INI to help prevent overpaying for potions
--- New INI setting is in the Macros\DeneCore\DeneCore_<server>_<toon>ini file

*** LDON Updated ***
- Several missing Zone/Boss Combos added
- Missing Zone/Boss combinations will no longer make the macro end
-- Now, the missing combos should get reported to window and to the log file
-- The offered mission will be declined and it will continue to request new missions to finish getting what it needs

*** General ***
- Will now use IVU Clickies and Potions in various zones to help reduce aggro'd mob encounters

*** DeneCore Required ***
- Now uses the DeneCore include files. You MUST have DeneCore installed for this macro to run.
(Use this link to 'Watch' DeneCore add it to your Launcher for updates)

I'm sure there's more I've forgotten, but that covers a good portion of what got updated.
*** Lost Dungeons of Norrath ***
- Alpha Code (Expect bugs)
- Will run ALL LDoN zones based on INI
-- Start the macro, stop it, then modify the Explore\Explore_<server>_<toon>.ini to skip previously completed zones
-- Might get hung trying to exit certain dungeons. Pause the macro, zone out manually, and unpause the macro.

*** Routing ***
- Ruins of Kunark route
-- Improved the Translocator/Boat handler is OT/Tim Deep
- Raing of Fear route
-- Fixed an issue that was preventing the player from going to The Void (voidh)

*** General ***
- Added detection for "Reusable Steambomb"
-- Will now detect Steambomb and target self before casting
- Added support for using Bulwark of Many Portals to return to PoK
-- Should automagically delete Bulwarks that have no zero charges
- Added a speculative fix to Restock Potions routine that would cause player to not retrieve their parcelled potions
- Remember to update your NavMeshes
-- Use Wired420's MeshUpdated to keep your meshes in-sync (https://gitlab.com/wired420/mq2navmeshupdater/blob/master/MeshUpdater.exe)
v1.0.2 - 10/18/2019

*** Routing ***
- Correct a variable increment step in the Shadows of Luclin route that was causing Akheva Ruins to be skipped.
- Fixed several issues that were causing characters to zone into Dragoncrypt and not proceed with their route.
-- Worked around a bug (lack of updating) in MQ2 where Loyalty Tokens weren't considered AltCurrency.
-- Directly querying the window itself was too fast. The window would query as populated before it client actually loaded the data.
-- Zone-Name of Dragoncrypt is screwy.
--- If you do a /who there, it reports 'Dragoncrypt'.
--- If you echo the zone shortname, you get 'dragoncrypt_mission_#'

*** Combat ***
- Corrected a bug that prevented the toon from closing distance and facing the mob

*** General ***
- Added delay at the end of the invis routine before check for invis. Should stop eating multiple potions at a time.
- Added Bulwark of Many Portals as an escape option for dead-end routes.
- Macro will now automatically "click" the Journeyman's Compass at the conclusion of each route. (You must claim it the first time yourself.)
- Added Shadowrest to list of zones not requiring invis to navigate
- Excluded the Whirligig Flyer Control Device from the Lev Clickie sources. We need lev in an inside zone where it's not usable.
v1.0.1 - Minor tweak
Added additional delay with using cloudy potions. (It was eating several at a time where it didn't do that in testing.)