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Dreadmote (RoF) Turn In Macro

Utility Dreadmote (RoF) Turn In Macro 1.0

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Somewhat the same as my HoT spell turnin macro. The nice thing with this macro is that if you scribe after you turn in you can actually use this without needing to learn all of the spells in a level as the reward is removed once you learn it.

If you have more motes than you need for a particular level it will notice when you have failed to select a reward and select reward 1 (the type of mote you are on) and move on to the next level. If you only want to do a particular level of spell be sure to only have those motes. It will always start from the first obtainable spell per level, but again as long as you have scribed the spells you will not get dupes.

This was also customized because the turn ins for motes is a little more complicated in that each level lets you downgrade to each lower level mote. That sucks and I lost a few before I realized it! So for 96 it starts at reward 2, 97 reward 3 and so on.
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