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Unmaintained Bank Sorting Macro 1.0

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WARNING: This macro WILL pick up every item in your bank and autobank it. If you just want to condense tradeskill items put them into the first X slots of your bank and then use the wildcards to manage that.

This is a very crude bank sorting macro. It sorts bank slots in descending order and defaults to all bank slots and assumes 32 slot bags.

The usage is this:

/mac banksort


/mac banksort startingbagnumber maxslots

ie /mac banksort 10 32 would sort starting at bag 10 and assume all bags have 32 slots. If the bags don't have 32 slots it will give you a little white error message, but it will continue to go until it hits items that it can sort.

Sorts back to front so that you hopefully don't end up with gaps in your bank. Hopefully useful to condense tradeskill items.
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