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Utility Cycler.Mac V3

Download now:  Join us with Level 2 access or earn your way in with  RedCents.
NOTE: Either use the attached PLERGO.mac OR start cycler.mac on your alts with a delay. If they all run it at the same time they'll all drop group for the same users. PLERGO.mac runs cycler and starts kiss up on your PLers whether in or out of group.

Ever start up another team of alts, level them to where they can group, and then have to juggle them in and out of your primary group to finish the powerleveling? Hopefully this will help you out!
Note that this prevents you from running any other macro on your PLees until eqmule includes the multi-macro in a future MQ2 release.

Please edit the cycler.ini and define:
DELAY:Number of seconds to wait between checks, recommended 600!
LEAD: PL Group Leader's name
C#: The number of PLees that you want to swap in for PL.
C1: PLee#1, etc
P#: However many characters will run kiss11 to kill mobs, whether in or out of group.
P1: PLer#1, etc

The table below defines what levels your characters can group with to get in-group XP.


Can Group With​















You should not need to make any edits to cycler.mac. cycler.ini controls which characters will start cycler (PLees) and kiss11 (PLers).
(If you don't want your PLers to run Kiss11 delete lines 15-19 & 23-26 from PLERGO.mac.)

Initial group creation (PLers in group, PLers out of group, and PLees) needs to be done manually. I don't know what characters you want to PL with.

As always, constructive criticism is appreciated. As are any potential improvements!
Note that this resource can be used for powerleveling services and, if you utilize it in such a manner (or even if you don't), donations of some form always appreciated.
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