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CotF HA - Death Peace v2 (Full Auto)

Unmaintained CotF HA - Death Peace v2 (Full Auto) 2.0

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Minor tweak for better following

Version 2 uploaded. I've cleaned this up, removing unused functions, added much better error control, corrected it so should work for WAR/PAL/SHD, and now works much more reliably on full auto.

I took William12's Warrior version (not sure it was his latest version) Into the Hills and modified it to work for Death Peace (3rd HA from Skulk the MadAxe)

I updated the path file (still points 23-27 are a bit tricky if your tank drops down into the little pit there. This happens if a xulous spawns across the pit and the fight drops down there. Might need a better waypoint for this area.)

I only tested it with a 100 warr group (Group is all silver with Warr 7K aa, no augs, only latent....1 naked leecher in group) and a 105 warr group.

I have it beep if named spawns in case you are semi afk and want to fight it.

I am able to chain this with Into the Hills, Scouting Ahead, and Disrupting the Ritual

Now a few disclaimers:

The caverns don't make for friendly autofollowing and you might get toons stuck down there. (I have a function to have any stuck toons navigate back to MA at several waypoints as well as telling the group to move to exact waypoint that MA is moving to)
It's not clean enough that you can fully afk this as sometimes you won't loot the amulet for turn in. (It's working very well now and I manually tell your looter to grab the amulet from Grukkark in case he stands around doing nothing)
This is not built for speed...I've inserted many delays to try to fix the autofollow issue in the caves. (Takes about 1 hr 10 mins from start to finish)
You must have done the two preceding HA's since this is the third in the series
When this macro finishes, it calls Gribble's Into the Hills (should be William12's dead2all).
It will load mq2navigation to run to skulk and gribble so you should have a mesh for dead hills.
EQBC is needed.
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