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Core 20190828.01

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BUILD 20190828.01
- make sure you update from builder/RG before updating this. I've incorporated the #engine and removed #knightlyparsethingie
- changed DB generation order for pulling modes. should not give an error anymore
- /cc meleedisc
-- corrected the DB entries so they stay how you set them
-- adjusted so you only see what you have available to your class. your wizard does not get backstab quit trying to turn it on
- added in Tail Rake for the ikkies
- class.shd.inc
-- removed a missed debug
BUILD 20190728.01
- corrected an issue where exports and imports would not work if the user kept their macro folder on a NAS plugged into a light switch in east Texas
- removed a DEBUG left in the shaman main heal line. need to know these things work
- corrected another Zoning issue for rez flags
So, I started an extensive command list/effect on Core i'm not up for maintaining in two places. There is simply to much information.
There are hundreds of different options you can choose to customize.

Here are the Major root commands excluding the class specific one. I don't want to go into too much detail, sometimes discovery is half the fun.

/environment - macro environment operations
/core - some character environment stuff. fireworks is by far the best!
/cc - there is only one thing we say to Death, Not today.
/pc - real tanks are better then mage pets!
/tc - tie (what you would consider follow)
/movement - camp stuff. tents optional?
/heal - no one really knows what this does
/debuff - this is not buffs
/buff - this is buffs
/burn - (all i see is beavis and butthead) fire.. fire..
/rez - if you run mq2rez, you will bork this up
/setassist - this might be important. maybe not...
/hc - this is honestly addicting
/lc - no touching there.
/cursor - didn't mean to hit loot all. it was the lag.
/mode - prob best you don't start here LH..

Keep in mind, each of these command has a host of options associated and several have extensive sub menus. Have fun exploring.