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Core 20190828.01

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Look's very promising but after my stroke I have sat here for the past 2 half hours now trying to figure this out. Is anyone working on a true guide that is not written by people who are in contact with the owner to learn this easier then some of us who have zero idea. The instructions are quite confusing for me. May not be for a lot but this is like getting a new job being shown 5 things that are not much help to you then leaving you with no clue what is going on. I mean no insult just flat feed back as i am confused as crap there is zero full out details like you add spells to db like this xxxx example i mean it says
DB::nuke# like whats that suppose to tell me or explain to me how to add this nuke? i try /edit nuke1 spellname does nothing i beg of you please have a know how who knows this very well make a guide for us slow folks. =P
sounds like its not meant for you.
Decided to try core today because of all the options with it. After a couple of hiccups on my end I got a couple of characters up and running and then got the rest of the group going. I've barely scratched the surface of everything it can do and I'm loving it. Can't wait to get all my toons dialed in with it.
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Once you unlearn Kiss and the old way of doing things, Core is very simple to set up. Core exclusively runs my 54 player raids and does it extremely well. It’s updated frequently and uses cutting edge ideas to really push the amount of power you can get out of Core. Changing settings on the fly, not having to deal with clunky INI files should be a no brainer. I was hooked the moment I tried it and saw the massive potential Core has.

No, Core isn’t for everyone. If you start it up and think it does nothing because it should set up automatically, you are not smart enough for Core. If you think Core should be like Kiss, then use Kiss. If you think there’s only one way to do things, Core is not for you. However, if you’re a lateral thinker and know how to read, you can be up and running in no time; that’s something you’ll never regret once you try. Exspes is a hero.
Nothing happens when this macro is turned on other then a DB file is created. I snagged a DB export from the repository on RG to see what the macro would have the character do and its somewhere between nothing and nada. I expected this since it's my first time running the macro and so I went to the documentation to see what settings needed to be turned on. The documentation is limited at best and you will find little help there other then what commands are available, not what they do or how to use them properly. At this point I am deleting this macro and writing it off as a waste of time.
Nothing but good to say about it
Tuff to setup and big learning curve but well worth it.
Fantastic tool. Early days for me but it has amazing potential.
Very flexible, great developer support.