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Utility castAN 1.0

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Software Requirements
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Why Use castAN?
1) Useful to train a spell discipline
2) Useful to enchant stacks of items. Any summoned items are autoinventoried.
3) Reduce the constant aching of carpal tunnel syndrome.
4) Mow the lawn. Go for a walk.

Usage: /mac castAN "Spell Name" gem casts


Get that divinity spell specialty maxed out. This will mem Superior Invisibility in gem 13 and cast it 500 times. Target whoever you like.
/mac castAN "Superior Invisibility" 13 500

Enchant that pile of 1000 large blocks of clay (requires and returns 5 so break out that calculator). This will mem Mass Enchant Clay in gem 1 and cast it 200 times.
/mac castAN "Mass Enchant Clay" 1 200

Cast heal. A lot. The list goes on.

May not handle all the fizzles and other casting errors ferpectly, so if enchanting a lot of mats you may have a couple casts left to do. Another way of doing this would be to count the created item and stopping when N is reached, rather than the number of casts. This would require another flag.

Why did I make this abomination?
/casting "Mass Enchant Clay" 13 10000
doesn't autoinventory, or stop if I cast a spell that requires components and run out.... or I made a mistake like making it cast 10000 times. It just ... keeps casting... and casting.
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