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BotThought Includes 1.5

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EQBC optional
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🏢 Live
KissAssist annoyed me one day targeting and untargeting... so I made my own for the warrior... The SK and Pally parts havn't really been refined since lvl 110ish, but slip the discs into the IamSHD or IamPAL subs and it'll use them... Use with something like this FreeRange.mac and the tank will defend himself fairly well against anything that happens to attack him or the group.

for WARRIORS, PALADINS(Probably works), SHADOWKNIGHTS(Probably works)
Needs EQBC connected to all toons in group
Shrinks with Ring of the Ancients...
Can change
/declare YourShrinkItem string outer Ring of the Ancients
with the name of your shrink item in place of 'Ring of the Ancients'...
Doesn't pull.  Just defends itself.
Anything on XTarget is a threat and will be dealt with.

#Include BotThought.inc

Sub Main

/declare FreeRangeMode int outer 1

/if (${Me.Class.ID}==1 || ${Me.Class.ID}==3 || ${Me.Class.ID}==5) {
    /call InitializeCommonClickies
    /call Iam${Me.Class.ShortName}
    /delay 5
    } Else {
        /echo I am not a fucking tanking class idiot.

/delay 5

/echo Freerange loop started and initialized.
/if (!${Me.XTarget}) /call ${Me.Class.ShortName}BuffCheckLoop
/echo If something is on my XTarget I will kill it.


/delay 30s ${Me.XTarget} || ${Me.Hovering}
/if (${Me.Hovering}) /call Death
/if (${Me.Buff[Resurrection Sickness].ID} && ${Me.XTarget}==0) /call ${Me.Class.ShortName}BuffCheckLoop
/if (${Me.XTarget}>0) /call CombatCheck
/if (${Me.XTarget}==0) /call ${Me.Class.ShortName}BuffCheckLoop
/if (${Me.XTarget}>0) /call CombatCheck

/goto :MainLoop

/echo You have got to be shitting me...How did you get here? I'm ending this now because you are way off the rails.

/if (${SpawnCount[npc radius 100 zradius 100]}>0) /echo There is more.

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