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JewelCrafting Macro

Trade / Skill JewelCrafting Macro 1.0

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|Jewelcraft Macro by Wirlin 4/20/15
|Requires at least 22 inventory slots.
|Also requires a little bit of attention for
|for setting the combine recipe you shouldn't have to experiment to get them though.
|they pop up as you gain skill.
|might try to automate it the same way I did the vendor lists.
|have to find the names of the tradeskill window pieces.
|When you get to 272 you can add these recipes to you favorites list
|Sapphire Platinum Necklace , Platinum Ruby Veil , Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring , Platinum Blue Diamond Tiara ,
|and Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet
|Order them from Low skill to High in Favorites and it will take you to 300 by itself
|Might need as many as 200 Velium Bars after 294... shouldn't take that many but it has.
|Easiest in Thurgadin with a bunch of Blue Diamonds or anywhere with a ton of bag space
|because it only sells when it runs out of components... having an item on the cursor with bags full throws it for a loop.
|It tries to sell the one that's on the cursor and it's in an invalid sell slot, so it can't.
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