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Utility Bazaar.mac 2021.02.20.0

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Other Authors
Sparr, ebs2002, jpetrone, M.D., dkaa, TreeHuginDruid, nytemyst, Maskoi, Tone, ChatWithThisName, Saar
Software Requirements
[Plugin] MQ2Bzsrch
[Includes] bazaar.inc
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
Bazaar.mac is used to automatically update the prices of your buyer or trader to remain competitive. It also contains INI support to allow you to set minimum and maximum prices which your merchants will not pass.

It supports both /trader and /buyer. Buyer mode does require MQ2Events to be loaded.

/mac bazaar - start the macro
/mqp - pause/unpause the macro (the macro starts in paused mode by default)

INI files

Bazaar.ini - customizes individual item prices
[Elegant Defiant Leather Gloves]
bazaarSettings.ini - controls macro behavior
UndercutPct=5            - Percentage you wise to under people by in /trader (AggressiveSeller must be set to FALSE)
UpdateOn=TRUE            - Do you want to update after X minutes?
UpdateInterval=50        - How often to rescan and update prices
Debugging=FALSE            - Not Used. Set LogLevel to 3 for Debug
UpdateDrift=15            - Maximum minutes to drift off your Update Interval (Adds randomness to your update cycle)
BuyerReview=FALSE         - Will pause between every /buyer item so you may review your ini.
SellerReview=FALSE         - Will pause between every /trader item so you may review your ini.
AggressiveBuyer=FALSE    - TRUE will increase buyer prices by 1 plat, FALSE will you previous calculation.
AggressiveSeller=FALSE  - TRUE will use a fixed undercut amount (UndercutAmount), FALSE will you previous calculation.
UndercutAmount=1        - The amount of plat to undercut other sellers when AggressiveSeller is TRUE
SafeSeller=FALSE        - Stops your /trader during price reviews.
LogLevel=2                - 0=Mostly Quiet 1=Info 2=Notice (Formally ReportSearching) 3=Debug 4=Verbose
SearchWaitTime=30        - How many seconds bazaar search should wait for results
PauseOnStart=TRUE        - Pause on start to give info and allow you to setup pause hotkeys
  • In /trader mode it will ignore sellers with prices below your sell minimum. For instance; if your SellPriceMin is 100 and other sellers are at 75, 150, and 200 this script will set your sell price to 149.
  • Setting your SellPriceMax to -1 (negative one) will skip the item during seller updates. This will allow you to exclude certain items or manage them manually.

Known Issues:
It has issues with "trash" items that sellers are often selling for less than 1 plat.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Skip Seller Items Support

    Version 2021.02.20.0 Tired of trying to sell water flasks? (Oddly people will buy them)...
  2. a new emphasis on profits

    Initial public Alpha release of my bazaar3.mac. If you wish to test it, backup your...
  3. kaen alias change

    @kaen01 didn't want an alias and we like to keep him happy.

Latest reviews

excellent work with v2 and v3. Great tool to have unless you like spending 2 hours a day updating traders.
I have so dreaded setting up my BazaarMule but this has so made that process easy! TY for the hard work.. Def recommend.
OMG this is a beautiful thing!
Wonderful and handy macro!