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Bazaar.mac / Bazaar2.mac

Utility Bazaar.mac / Bazaar2.mac 2020-01-30

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Other Authors
[Bazaar.mac] Sparr, ebs2002, jpetrone, M.D., dkaa, TreeHuginDruid, nytemyst, Maskoi, Tone | [Bazaar2.mac] Written by ChatWithThisName, subs from Saar
Software Requirements
[Plugin] MQ2Bzsrch
[Includes] bazaar.inc

Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
Bazaar.mac is used to automatically update the prices of your buyer or trader to remain competitive. It also contains INI support to allow you to set minimum and maximum prices which your merchants will not pass.
Bazaar2.mac is similar but does not rely on any plugins.

/mac bazaar trader - updates your /trader
/mac bazaar buyer - updates your buyer
/mac bazaar trader initprice - Sets all unpriced items in Bazaar/Trader Window to InitialPrice variable (default 1000)
/mac bazaar makeini - To create an entry for each item shown in your trader window in the Bazaar.ini.

[Elegant Defiant Leather Gloves]
@ChatWithThisName you should just start a new thread with this as Bazaar mac 4.0 with all the changes you have made.
I will just mark this one as retired and link you your new thread
As per Maskoi, I've gone ahead and created a new thread for Bazaar.mac

Below is a photo of what it looks like with the searching spam on.

Below is a photo of it with search spam off. Allows you to see all updates to prices after long periods AFK.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

Latest updates

  1. kaen alias change

    @kaen01 didn't want an alias and we like to keep him happy.
  2. Buyer mode changes

    |* Updated by Chatwiththisname 10/31/2018 |* Updated to version 4.4 |* Correction to Buyer...
  3. Buyer Mode fix for Bazaar.mac - No change to Bazaar2.mac

    Please see the discussion post found here for a look at the trouble shooting steps taken to...

Latest reviews

I have so dreaded setting up my BazaarMule but this has so made that process easy! TY for the hard work.. Def recommend.
OMG this is a beautiful thing!
Wonderful and handy macro!