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Utility AutoVendor 3.6

Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, TLP
This macro will automatically vendor your junk determined by an INI that you setup!

**Before startup/initialization, make sure your find item window is clear of any search parameters!**

Initialization: /mac autovendor buildini

After you run the first build, edit your INI according to what you'd like to Sell/Ignore/Destroy/Buy/Parcel!

Once you've edited your INI, start it up with /mac autovendor and you're good to go!

Subsequently, if you ever need to add new items you can either run /mac autovendor buildini again or add them manually!

Parcel Support:
You can now designate up to 5 parcel mules and have your toon send specified items to those parcel mules! Variables associated with this are:


To turn parceling on, set ParcelOn to 1 then change the ParcelMules variable to the name of each of your parcel mules!



It can support anywhere between 1 to 5 arguments! Then, once you've set up your parcel mules, set the items you want parceled to your respective mule by changing their variable to Parcel1-5.


Axe Head Mold=Parcel1
Barb Mold=Parcel2
Bastard Blade Mold=Parcel3
Bearing Mold=Parcel4
Belt Sectional Mold=Parcel5

Your toon will then run through it's normal vendor shenanigans, then parcel the designated items to the designated mule!

Destroy Support
You can now destroy items you'd rather not keep! Variables associated with this are:


Flip DestroyItems to 1 and then set whatever items you want to get rid of to Destroy!



Summon Vendor Support
You can now summon a vendor where there would otherwise not be one! Variables associated with this are:


Flip SummonVendor to 1 and when you run the macro in a zone that has no General Supplies vendor it will summon one for you! NOTE: This uses your Summon Resupply Vendor cooldown and requires ParcelOn to be set to 0.

Buying Support
You can now set the macro to buy specific items for you! Variables associated with this are:


Set BuyStuff to 1 in your INI and it will search the vendor we're currently using for whatever is set to Buy or, alternatively, BuyParcel1-5 if you'd also like to parcel the items. If you set BuyStuff to 2, you can then set up to 5 vendors via the BuyVendors variable for the macro to then run around and buy stuff from!


BuyVendors=Amile Pitt|Wilacor Goldenmead|Darius Gandril|VendorNameHere|VendorNameHere
Clockwork Gnome Gear=BuyParcel1
Chunk of Congealed Ooze=Buy

Tributing Support
You can now set the macro to tribute specific items for you! Variables associated with this are:


Set Tribute to 1 in your INI and it will find the in-zone Tribute Master and begin tributing items based on your settings!

Set items to:
GuildTribute - Will only tribute said item to the Guild Tribute Master
PersonalTribute - Will only tribute said item to the Personal Tribute Master (Race Tribute Master).
Tribute - Will tribute said item to any tribute master available.


Fine Steel Rapier=GuildTribute
Fine Steel Longsword=PersonalTribute
Rusty Shortsword=Tribute

Other Variables
SellStuff: Allows you to turn on and off selling to vendors in-case you just want to parcel, buy and/or destroy! Set to 1 to let the macro find the vendor for you, set to 2 to use the SellVendor variable to find a specific vendor or set to 0 to turn off selling.
SellVendor: Set this to a vendor name if using SellStuff = 2 to find a specific vendor when selling.

INI Example:
INI Example::
[|====== Instructions ======|]
Instructions=Set items on the list you want to sell to Sell, not sell to Ignore. Make sure SellStuff is set to 1 (is by default) if you plan on selling stuff!
Instructions2=If you'd like to Parcel, set ParcelOn to 1, ParcelMules to your toons names and the items you want to parcel to Parcel1-5 respectively.
Instructions3=To destroy items, set DestroyItems to 1 and set whatever you want to get rid of to Destroy.
Instructions4=To summon a vendor where there would otherwise not be one, set SummonVendor to 1 (ParcelOn must be 0 for this to work).
Instructions5=To buy things, set BuyStuff to 1 and items to Buy or, alternatively, BuyParcel1-5 if you're using parcels and want to parcel the things you bought.
Instructions6=To buy stuff from a list of up to 5 vendors, set BuyStuff to 2 and list your vendors accordingly using the BuyVendors variable.
[|====== Options ======|]
SellVendor=Amile Pitt
[|====== Containers ======|]
Medicine Bag=TRUE
[- A -]
Amulet of Necropotence=Ignore
[- B -]
Blood Runed Gauntlets=PersonalTribute
[- C -]
Complex Velium Embossed Rune=Sell
Complex Velium Silvered Rune=Sell
[- D -]
[- E -]
Entwood Mace=GuildTribute
[- F -]
Flame Agate=Sell
Flame of Vox=Parcel2
Fungus Covered Scale Tunic=Tribute
[- G -]
Gate Potion=Ignore
Glove of Rallos Zek=Parcel1
[- H -]
[- I -]
Idol of the Thorned=GuildTribute
[- J -]
[- K -]
[- L -]
[- M -]
Misty Thicket Picnic=Ignore
Mithril Boots=PersonalTribute
[- N -]
Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 115=Sell
Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 301=Sell
Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 35=Sell
Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 352=Sell
[- O -]
[- P -]
Phosphorous Powder=Parcel2
[- Q -]
[- R -]
Raw Fine Runic Hide=Parcel1
Raw Runic Hide=Parcel4
Raw Supple Runic Hide=Parcel5
Rune of Al`Kabor=Sell
Rune of Attraction (Jin)=Sell
Rune of Conception=Sell
Rune of Embrace=Sell
Rune of Infraction=Sell
Rune of Petrification=Sell
Rune of the Combine=Sell
Rune of the Cyclone=Sell
Rune of the Helix=Sell
Rune of the Inverse=Sell
[- S -]
Salil's Writ Pg. 174=Sell
Salil's Writ Pg. 282=Parcel1
[- T -]
Tears of Prexus=parcel2
The Scent of Marr=Parcel1
[- U -]
Undead Froglok Tongue=Sell
[- V -]
Velium Fire Wedding Ring=Tribute
Velium Silvered Rune=Sell
[- W -]
Water Flask=Ignore
Words of Collection (Azia)=Sell
Words of Collection (Beza)=Sell
Words of Disillusionment=Sell
Words of Obligation=Sell
Words of the Psyche=Sell
Words of the Spectre=Sell
Words of the Suffering=Sell
[- X -]
[- Y -]
[- Z -]
NOTE: Make sure you edit your INI BEFORE you run the macro, that way you don't sell anything you might otherwise need. :)
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