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Utility AutoVendor 2.4

Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, TLP
This macro will automatically vendor your junk determined by an INI that you setup!

**Before initialization, make sure your find item window is clear of any search parameters!**

Initialization: /mac autovendor buildini #ofitemshere (You can find the total # of items in your find item window in the bottom right hand corner, it's the second number)

Where to find total # of items:

In your AutoVendor.ini, set what you want to sell to Sell and what you want to keep to Ignore.

After running the initialization and editing your INI, go to any zone that has a parcels/general supplies merchant and type /mac autovendor

Anytime you'd like to add new items or need to update your total # of items, just run the initialization command again and it'll update your INI!

Parcel Support:
You can now designate up to 5 parcel mules and have your toon send specified items to those parcel mules! To do this, rebuild your INI with the ini builder parameters, then go in to your INI and you'll find a new section called [Parcels]. There are two variables associated with this section:


To turn parceling on, set ParcelOn to 1 then change the ParcelMules section to the name of each of your parcel mules!



It can support anywhere between 1 to 5 arguments! Then, once you've set up your parcel mules, set the items you want parceled to your respective mule by changing their variable to Parcel1-5.


Axe Head Mold=Parcel1
Barb Mold=Parcel2
Bastard Blade Mold=Parcel3
Bearing Mold=Parcel4
Belt Sectional Mold=Parcel5

Your toon will then run through it's normal vendor shenanigans, then parcel the designated items to the designated mule!

INI Example:
INI Example::
Instructions=Set items on the list you want to sell to Sell, not sell to Ignore and parcel to Parcel1-5 accordingly.
Sizeable Satchel=TRUE
Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack=TRUE
Journeyman's Rucksack=TRUE
Sensible Satchel=TRUE
Dreamweave Satchel=TRUE
Hand Made Backpack=TRUE
Fellowship Campfire Materials=Ignore
Juice of Quellious=Ignore
Kaladim Constitutional=Ignore
Misty Thicket Picnic=Ignore
Philter of Major Translocation=Ignore
Porous Loam=Parcel1
Pristine Delphinium=Ignore
Pristine Larkspur=Ignore
Pristine Muscimol=Ignore
Pristine Privet=Ignore
Purified Grade AA Choresine Sample=Ignore
Purified Grade AA Gormar Venom=Ignore
Purified Grade AA Nigriventer Venom=Ignore
Purified Grade AA Taipan Venom=Ignore
Sealed Pure Energeian Metal Orb=Ignore
Spell: Horde of the Hive Rk. II=Sell
Trade-In Gem: Swarm of Bees Rk. II=Ignore
Battle Fractured Diamond=Sell
Blue Diamond=Sell
Cabilisian Diamond=Sell
Chokidai Eye=Sell
Chokidai Meat=Sell
Chronal Resonance Dust=Parcel1
Cloudy Potion=Ignore
Exquisite Animal Pelt=Parcel1
Exquisite Silk=Parcel4
Flawless Animal Pelt=Parcel1
Flawless Silk=Parcel4
Immaculate Animal Pelt=Parcel1
Immaculate Marrow=Parcel1
Immaculate Silk=Parcel4
Immaculate Spinneret Fluid=Parcel5
Pristine Caladium=Ignore
Pristine Laburnum=Ignore
Pristine Oleander=Ignore
Song: Severilous' Chant of Poison Rk.II=Sell
Spell: Abolish Corruption Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Aura of Loyalty Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Beam of Molten Scoria Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Befuddle Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Brierbloom Coat Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Dannal's Mending Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Hushed Mind Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Leap of Lightning Sprites Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Mark of the Pious Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Mark of the Unsullied Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Netherside Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Rain of Molten Scoria Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Sermon of Castigation Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Spiritual Edification Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Strength of the Tracker Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Tectonic Tumult Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Unrivaled Rapidity Rk. II=Sell
Spell: Yowl of the Predator Rk. II=Sell
Spongy Loam=Parcel4
Tantalum Ore=Parcel3
Titanium Ore=Parcel3
Tome of Punch Through Rk. II=Sell
Tome of Temple Bash Rk. II=Sell
Vanadium Ore=Parcel3
NOTE: Make sure you edit your INI BEFORE you run the macro, that way you don't sell anything you might otherwise need. :)
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed double echo/loop hits!

    After a few days of tinkering, I am certain I've figured out a solution to the double echo/loop...
  2. Parcel Delay Changes

    Changed the delay between parcels to be 4 seconds as opposed to 3 as I was still getting double...
  3. Text bug fix

    Some of the text wasn't relaying information when it should have, this has been fixed! :)