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Combat Assist AutoActivate.mac 04.03.2018

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AutoActivate.mac - Kaen01 04.03.2018

Tired of all the macros that control your character, you just want to do things yourself but tured of hitting 10 buttons to get it done?

Tired of sticking, moving, getting stuck, running places you dont want to go?

now you have a tool that will get rid of allll these bad things for you!.


A short simple command of /mac autoactivate, and the macro will setup an ini for you to fill out.
you heard it! ONE INI!!, no more 100 inis in your macro folder my friend, just one ini, one ini for you.

once you open the ini its prepped with 5 slots for you to fill out, you can add more if you like, up to 15 currently.

example ini for a lower level paladin:
Rich (BB code):
auto4=Divine Stun
Divine stun is an aa for paladins in the mid 60's
now when the paladin goes to attack something he hits autoattack and it just starts mashin his skills for him, so simple, so easy!!

aa and discs will need the full name and rank if it has any.

Rich (BB code):
| 04.07.2018     lowered a delay and removed a testing variable.
|                added a onexit handler to stop attackking and remove target
|                if you /endmacro for some reason.
|                Added all 15 slots to the ini.
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