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Adventurer Stone

Quest / Event Adventurer Stone 2020-12-02

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Software Requirements
MQ2Nav (and RG's meshs), MQ2MoveUtils, MQ2Twist (Bard if you want to twist), MQ2Relocate
Server Type
Live, TLP, Test Server
This macro gets the Adventurer's Stone for you, running the Adventurer's Stone quest.

It will travel to the NPC in your hometown to do the required talking.
Then it runs you to Butcherblock Mountains and does the talking with Vual Stoutest, running you back to PoK (unless you interfere).

There is an option to use the alternative home NPCs in Rathe Mountains and West Karana, if those are where you have to go (after some testing I can say that they will not work for everybody - but I don't really know about the conditions when you have to use them ... most likely if you fucked up your hometown faction).

You can start the macro pretty much in every zone (if Origin available) - but but PoK is suggested because it will be able to run from there (or the mac will wait for origin to become available which is 18mins max).

If you are already in your hometown, chances are that a way to the npc cannot be found. So if you experience problems, move to PoK and start the macro there.

So the essence is: I also strongly suggest to have Origin ready before you run the mac - makes things faster :)

Optional: BRD,BST,DRU,RNG,SHM: If you have a travel-spell/song memmed, the macro will automatically use the highest level one. (It must be ready, though!)
Optional: WIZ, DRU: Mem your PoK Port spell. This will speed up things! Not memmed == not used.

Plugins: If any of the plugins used isn't loaded when you start the macro it will auto-load them with "noauto" so that upon starting MQ2 next time, they won't be loaded again.

Regular run: /mac AdventurerStone

You need to be on PoK for the following commands:
Use alternative NPC in Rathe Mountains: /mac AdventurerStone rathe
Use alternative NPC in West Karana: /mac AdventurerStone karana

Example vid:

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