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AAList.mac - List only the latest Expac AA - HoT, VoA & RoF

Utility AAList.mac - List only the latest Expac AA - HoT, VoA & RoF 10-13-2018

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Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
Broke out an old toon who was lvl 92 and PL'd her to 100.
She had 9 AA total and I didn't want to autogrant until I had a few thousand AA from the latest expansions.

Couldn't find a macro to list only the AA from the latest expac so I made one.
Lists all AA from House of Thule, Veil of Alaris and Rain of Fear.

Lists them in the INI file format, ready to use with Sym's MQ2AASpend plugin.
Of course they are in order from General, Archetype to Class so you will have to reorder them as you see fit. (I left out Special tab)
Remember you don't have to change the numbers.. only the position in the file. AASpend automatically renumbers them for you.

Updated to include Call of the Forsaken.

Rich (BB code):
| AAList.mac  Wolfborn 09\17\2014 Version
| Sole purpose is to list AA from the latest expansions
| House of Thule, Veil of Alaris, Rain of Fear and CoTF

Sub Main
    /declare a     int
    /declare b     int
    /declare x     int
    /declare i     int    0
    /declare ExpName    string local
    /declare AAName        string local
    /declare AACost        int local
    /for x 1 to 4
        /if (${x}==1) /varset ExpName "House of Thule"
        /if (${x}==2) /varset ExpName "Veil of Alaris"
        /if (${x}==3) /varset ExpName "Rain of Fear"
        /if (${x}==4) /varset ExpName "Call of the Forsaken"
        /echo ------- Processing ${ExpName} expansion ------
        /for a 1 to 3
            /for b 1 to 100
            /varset AACost ${Window[AAWindow].Child[List${a}].List[${b}, 3]}
                /if (${Window[AAWindow].Child[List${a}].List[${b}, 4].Equal[${ExpName}]} && ${AACost} >= 1) {
                    /ini "${Me.CleanName}_${MacroQuest.Server}_AAList.ini" "MQ2AASpend_AAList" "${i}" "${Window[AAWindow].Child[List${a}].List[${b}, 1]}|M"
                    /echo ${i}=${Window[AAWindow].Child[List${a}].List[${b}, 1]}
                    /delay 5
                    /varcalc i ${i}+1
            /next b
        /next a
    /next x
    /echo -------------- DONE!! -------------------
Modified to search for AA with a value in the "Cost" column. Now it will only list the AA you have left to buy, not including prerequisites, for the latest expansions.
No need for pressing the "Can Purchase" button, which didn't work correctly if you had only a few AA to spend.
Also changed the header in the ini file to [MQ2AASpend_AAList] to exactly match the header in your Server_Toon.ini file to avoid confusion.

While looking at the Glyph purchase issue I found that I was missing some AA and determined that in the Class tab there can be more than 50 AA listed so I increased the loop to 100.
Should catch all of them now.

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