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Question - Why can't evolving torn efreeti boots ?? (1 Viewer)

Jan 16, 2017
I have finished that explorer achievements X 25 as below and the item shown "evoling: 2/2 0%
why i can't claim it to Sliver efreeti boots(still red word and only inspect & preview button for me ).
Any travel I lost ? please kinds advise !! thanks
1) Norrathian Explorer
2) Ruins of Kunark Explorer
3) Scars of Velious Explorer
4) Shadows of Luclin Explorer
5) Planes of Power Explorer
6) Legacy of Ykesha Explorer
7) Lost Dungeons of Norrath Explorer
8) Gates of Discord Explorer
9) Omens of War Explorer
10) Dragons of Norrath Explorer
11) Depths of Darkhollow Explorer
12) Prophecy of Ro Explorer
13) The Serpent's Spine Explorer
14) The Buried Sea Explorer
15) Secrets of Faydwer Explorer
16) Explorer of the Void (Seeds of Destruction)
17) Underfoot Explorer
18) House of Thule Explorer
19) Veil of Alaris Explorer
20) Explorer of the Rain of Fear
21) Call of the Forsaken Explorer
22) Explorer of the Darkened Sea
23) Explorer of the Broken Mirror
24) Explorer of the Empires of Kunark

25) Explorer of the Ring of Scale
Jan 16, 2017
I ttried to use another campany loged in also can't claim it.
But my friend help me to log and it can be claimed :P
Dont know why ~~~~ anyway , I got my sliver efreeti boots. :P
Feb 13, 2020
So, how did you do it OP?

I'm at first stage 2/2 can't claim the Silver version of the boots. Journeyman compass all completed.
Oct 23, 2016
Yes you'll have to do that.
The only zone you can avoid are the sub zones, like GMM for exemple is a sub zone in the achievment window. Or some sewers instances in Freeport. All other zone are needed. like shadowrest and dragoncrypt too. For shadowrest you can use the npc, for dragoncrypt, if you don't have the key, you can buy one from crown merchant.
Apr 30, 2019
Example of what MrPatata is referring to
Choose xpac->general->xpac exploration
Anything indented is not required e.g
The Forgotten Halls

TLP objected to getting the xpac houses. so it was changed and we don't need to search for those 3 anymore. e.g Bixie Hive


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Jul 30, 2006
The percentage on the boots seems not to increase yet, I unlock new travels.. should be at 40-50% by now, but still 0%
It doesn't work that way. You have to unlock ALL of the travels in order to evolve the boots beyond level 1. Also, make sure you're killing in the proper zones for evolving the boots. I can't recall if they included CoV. I know you could do it in ToV, though.


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Jul 22, 2018
The percentage on the boots seems not to increase yet, I unlock new travels.. should be at 40-50% by now, but still 0%
oh boy, you're in for a treat. The travelers achievements *DO NOT* evolve the items directly. You increase the % evolution by grinding mobs. Lots and lots of mobs and no xp modifiers can increase the rate. The travelers achievement is required to unlock the ability to go to the next level of evolution and allow you to continue grinding mob kills. Even once you get the travelers thing figured out, you've still got a hell of a long ways to go.

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