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Question - Why can't evolving torn efreeti boots ?? (1 Viewer)

Jan 16, 2017
I have finished that explorer achievements X 25 as below and the item shown "evoling: 2/2 0%
why i can't claim it to Sliver efreeti boots(still red word and only inspect & preview button for me ).
Any travel I lost ? please kinds advise !! thanks
1) Norrathian Explorer
2) Ruins of Kunark Explorer
3) Scars of Velious Explorer
4) Shadows of Luclin Explorer
5) Planes of Power Explorer
6) Legacy of Ykesha Explorer
7) Lost Dungeons of Norrath Explorer
8) Gates of Discord Explorer
9) Omens of War Explorer
10) Dragons of Norrath Explorer
11) Depths of Darkhollow Explorer
12) Prophecy of Ro Explorer
13) The Serpent's Spine Explorer
14) The Buried Sea Explorer
15) Secrets of Faydwer Explorer
16) Explorer of the Void (Seeds of Destruction)
17) Underfoot Explorer
18) House of Thule Explorer
19) Veil of Alaris Explorer
20) Explorer of the Rain of Fear
21) Call of the Forsaken Explorer
22) Explorer of the Darkened Sea
23) Explorer of the Broken Mirror
24) Explorer of the Empires of Kunark

25) Explorer of the Ring of Scale
Jan 16, 2017
I ttried to use another campany loged in also can't claim it.
But my friend help me to log and it can be claimed :P
Dont know why ~~~~ anyway , I got my sliver efreeti boots. :P

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