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Question - What is needed in a group with 2 paid accounts (1 Viewer)

Oct 19, 2019
I have most classes up to level 50, I want to go farther but then I thought about alt AA’s. I have 2 paid accounts and a lot of free accounts on EQ. What accounts should be on the paid ones that can get auto grant AA’s and what classes should the rest of the group be made of? I was thinking ENC SHD on paid and MAG NEC CLE BST or maybe CLE WAR on paid and ROG BRD SK BER. Also is there a limit on the amount of AA’s the free classes can get? It looks like it is limited to 250 AA’s but not sure if that has changed or not. I am open and asking for input. After level 50 is caster group or melee group funner.


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Jul 30, 2006
Tank = Gold
Puller = Possibly Gold

MAG/NEC/CLE/BST ... none of these need to be gold. MAYBE the beast, if you want to use chase weapons, but definitely not at lvl 50.


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Nov 11, 2019
Tank is a must have gold so i would say choose weather you want to warrior tank or tank using a SK. My opinion would be the SK since they are some of the best grp tanks and with life taping you dont need a healer to be all access. As far as the other gold account goes It would be up to you but to make things go faster. Have tthe SK Tank/Pull and maybe have the mag or necro go gold for a back up tank and great dps. Ether way your 2nd gold account should be a dps to make stuff go faster
Nov 30, 2019
I personally run a warrior, cleric, bard x3 rogue mercs on burn. This setup allows me to take down almost anything I come across. I'd go with the warrior and cleric on the paid accounts and have the bard on a free one just as an afk box to sing and such. I pay for all three accounts as I want my bard to be effective at CC and pulling.
Dec 24, 2017
SK, Cleric. Mercs will not cut it for healing when you try to do missions and tougher content. Bard is a great FTP acct. The other FTP should be dps, one of which should be a Beastlord (Need some kind of buffs and back up pet tank). With a gold Tank and Healer, you should be able to do most anything you want as you can withstand incoming damage and maintain aggro from your ftp guys for an extended period of time. Your ftp guys will dictate how long the fights will last.

Just my 2 cents.
Aug 12, 2018
Depends on the type of free. Normal free accounts (F2P) are capped at 250. However old accounts that are free and designated Silver get 1000 - or how many they had when they were paid back in the day.

Now another thing to consider is to rotate. Go paid on an account around level 80 or so and then auto grant. When that month is up then cancel that account and you will keep all the AA that got auto granted which will be way over the limit of 250. Go to next account, pay one month, auto grant. Rinse repeat.

You could buy an AA increaser in marketplace but it iirc is almost $7 which is half the cost of just paying for a month up front. And it only allows another 100 AA.

I keep my main account paid at all times so he can run the J5 merc.
Mar 9, 2017
Since you're level 50, I'd just rotate the subs and use auto-grant for each account. Keep doing that until lvl 70-80, where the tank starts really benefiting the best Prestige gear & augs. Then I'd keep the tank sub'd, and rotate the others for more auto-grant. Around 105 you'll have maxed all auto-grants, then you can use the sub'd time to max each toons available AA. You can get "ftp"accounts up to 20K AA or so and still use all those when you're sub runs out.

At high levels, tank benefits the most from sub/gold. Prestige armor (tier2/3 from most xpacs) plus AC augs (almost all prestige from recent expacs though you can build a FTP set if you want.) Plus making sure you have all the defense AA maxed as soon as you can.

For support classes and DPS, it doesn't seem to be as important to have top tier gear. Melee DPS can get a decent boost from ultra-rare weapons, but it's quite as big a deal as it was in the EoK era. Casters/Healers can do fine in tier 1 gear, though there are exceptions if you want like the nice insta-heal click or nuke staff from RoS final quests. As mentioned above, puller classes are a good choice for a permanent second sub since they do get beat on and get some survival benefit from higher AC/HP tier gear.

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