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Question - What chars should I run (1 Viewer)

Dec 11, 2022
Hello I'm playing in Luclin era server that plans to go to pop (zerks and bst enabled) my current comp is pal, war, mnk, mnk, mnk, shm, enc, dru, wiz, brd, mag, clr, and clr. I have thought about switching a monk for a rogue, or the druid for a third cleric but I'm not too sure what comp to run. I know monk are great dps an my paladin tanks anything with a proc or lifetap, and war tanks anything that doesn't have a harsh proc or lifetap, war is a little bit behind pally gear wise by about 400 hp. any advice is greatly appreciated! (the limit on the server is currently set to 12)
Question - What chars should I run

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