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Question - ToV - Kael stairs break nav mesh & too many "named"

Mar 9, 2017
1. Any fix for breaks in the navmesh for Kael? In Kael, the giant sized stairs keep having un-connected breaks in the nav mesh, so my toons won't nav from one section of the zone to another. Follow buttons work, but "come to me" won't always work and puller will skip mobs beyond some stairs.

2. Named triggers on Kael trash. Sooo many fake named that are just trash. I've switched to BurnAllNamed=2 and added this to KissAssist_info.ini
[Kael Drakkel]
MobsToBurn=Black Fang,Direfang,Drendar Blackblade,Fjokar Frozenshard,Irrek Bloodfist,Kallis Stormcaller,Keldor Dek`Torek,Klraggek the Slayer,Velden Dragonbane,Vkjen Thunderslayer
However I have a lot of ${Target.Named} conditions in my DPS entries. Every other pull I'm firing my entire Burn sequence. Short of removing those or making a "kael" ini for all my group, do you guys have another suggestion?
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Jul 15, 2019
Yeah that area at the base of the stairs kind of sucks to do as every other mob is a fake named. Makes handling a real named less fun when your discs were wasted on trash mobs.