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Question - Toons not wanting to camp and stay camped (1 Viewer)


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Jul 15, 2019
Who does this seems random but it seems that at least one toon always does this. I try and camp out my toons and at least one instantly comes right back. The graphics and character screen doesn't even have time to display it happens so fast. Anyone else experience this? It started happening recently. It happens most often to the character that is the active window. I don't camp to desktop as often as I like peeps ready to go. If I /camp again they stay camped, until I load everyone and camp out later where at least 1 toon comes right back. This happens even if no macros are running, no kiss, no ihc, no dannet, nothing. Just VV open, log in 6 toons, try to camp, boom 1 comes right back and I have to camp them again.

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