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Question - SoD raid progression and potential gotchas to expect. (1 Viewer)

Sep 18, 2021
Apologies if this is covered somewhere and I missed in my searches. I'm working towards OMM raids and as per suggestions on other posts and in Sic's video, I decided to target the Discord tower for the required OMM preflags. I had a few questions to avoid messing something up and needing to redo things later. I'm hoping to run either 6 or 12 characters through the OMM raids.

1. I believe all (6 or 12) will need to have completed at least 7 raid events (SoD's Tower in my case). However not all 12 need to go through the progression to request the SoD raids, right?
2. I'm taking 2 characters through all of the progression steps listed here Alla's SoD Progression Page in order to have the ability to request the Tower raid. Are all those steps actually needed or are parts of that only needed on "in era" servers? It isn't a problem going through it but some of the faction building did slow me down. This question is more of a concern if it turns out that everyone planning on being in the OMM raids will need to go back and go through these steps.
3. I'm starting to read through the actual raid events and looking for potential problems with too much dps. Some of the progression steps required not killing things in order to click things or get emotes, etc. Does anybody have handy a list of mechanics in the raid events that can lead to problems if you kill too fast?

You don't know what you don't know so if there are any other things to be aware of when working through SoD progression for the purpose of OMM I'd love to hear it.


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May 2, 2019
The raid requester has to do everything for the progression. The others just have to raid.

Queen Malarian
*maybe* Kithicor -- that one has balancing kyvs.
FoS raids x3
Korafax x3

Should allow for you to get OMM raids.

Even easier than doing the whole thing to get into Discord tower, which has one balancing event.


May 5, 2016
when you do the discord tower zone - you need to kill *slowly* in some of the fights - i think it was mindblight or trophy room (been a while), i just used a cleric paused with no weapon punching the mob.
if you kill this mob too quickly it will bug out the event and then you're hosed for the rest of the zone
Sep 18, 2021
From the trophy room page on Alla's.

The Curator

After the trophies are killed, the Pixtt Curator of Discord appears and attacks (summons from 100%). It hits for a max ~14,000 and has no AEs or other special abilities. It disappears as it reaches 95% health:

Pixtt Curator of Discord shouts 'You are not worth the effort. I will leave you puny ones with your minor victory.'

I would have missed that one. Thank you both for the replies.

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