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Question - Rogue 1.5 (1 Viewer)

Dec 23, 2020
I have never done the rogue 1.5 until now. I am at the point of entering Innoruk's Realm in South Ro. For the life of me I can't figure out how to enter. I have handed the item to a wayward kiraikuei and climbed the invis ladder. Now I am lost haha. Any help would be appreciated.
i dont remember you need 6...

before handing Pulsating Blue Metal to wayward kiraikuei

-verify you know where the tower in the specter island is
-go inside this tower and find the invisible ladder. (in the tower put your back on the angle where you have the wall on your left and you are facing south. watch above. And the you will see the image like you see here https://www.eqprogression.com/rogue-1-5-epic-quest-fatestealer/ on step 27. this is where the invisible ladder is. go up. then come back and give the item, next time you will go up, you will zone in.

Anyone know how to redo the blue metal part again? I did the turnin to the wayard mob to spawn the instance, could not find the dang ladder, when I did I only had like 2 min left on the 20 min zone in timer, go to the top of the building, click on the white sigil and it sends me to the Sro zone in.

Now I am trying to redo the blue metal portion, but Siska does not seem to have the item. I have been pick pocketing her for the last 15 min, but nothing.

Any ideas on how to redo this part?
I just did this on my rogue. I had to redo the metal sphere part of the quest because my first turn in I could'nt get up the ladder in time. I was able to see the ladder on one of my characters (maybe had a see invis or just a glitch). its not up against the wall and is inside the tower. If you look up in the tower you will see a whole. the ladder is not against a wall but south part of hole. once you are up there I pressed against the rough (floor) where there is a hexagramic mark thing.

I'm not sure if you have to but I did have 6 characters to initiate the event.

I killed Siska and she immediately came back and I was able to pick pocket her item.
Question - Rogue 1.5

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