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Question - Possible to have group loot work exactly like solo loot? (1 Viewer)

Mar 19, 2021
So I just want it when I'm the group leader to have everything Masterloot directly to my inventory (If it's a new item or if it's set as "Always Need"). And just ignore every item that I set as "Never loot this item".

It does this automatically when I'm solo. But in a group it's a giant headache and I'm not sure if any plugins/macros will Auto Masterloot new items.

Would appreciate any advice on how to get this going. Thanks :)

P.S. My AdvLoot window keeps popping up even when there are no new items and every box is checked for every item. Happens about once every 15 min...
Aug 13, 2018
with the current version of mq on live servers there is a lua called lootly which does allow you to keep/ignore items via an ini file, it will automatically loot and distribute to group members for you. I believe it may need level 2 to access though. The plugin of similar function that existed for the older version of MQ doesn't work very well on the new one. I found it to be buggy, but the new lua that was created works very well as a replacement.
Jun 2, 2022
I will check out Lootly thanks :)

/lua run lootly for the win. Also check out the Lootly companion script called Lootier. Lootier provides a graphical interface so you can set how items are handle, i.e. keep, destroy, hand out to class XYZ, etc. You could manually edit the ini file but Lootier makes the editing process that much easier.

Be well. Happy scripting.

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