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Software MySEQ Open (Beta server offsets) [Deleted] (1 Viewer)

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Oct 15, 2004
Redbot submitted a new resource:

MySEQ Open (Beta server offsets) - An upgrade to your in-game map, runs in its own window.

MySEQ is an EverQuest map that runs in its own window, showing location information of PCs and NPCs. It's considered the best map for multi-boxers, even superior to both in-game and MQ2Map.

MySEQ was started by cavemanbob and Lyenu in 2003 as a Windows version of ShowEQ, which began in 1999.
Both clients are maintained at http://www.showeq.net

This resource maintains the offset file (myseqserver.ini), you need a new one each patch. See the installation guide below for client...
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