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Question - MQ on Live and Test on the same machine? (1 Viewer)

Sep 21, 2021
I thinking of running a couple toons on the test server for a bit. I can't quit my main team on a live server though, therefore I'd like to run a couple toons on test while I run a couple on live. At the same time. On the same machine.

I found an old post saying that this is possible, but the last comment in the thread was a bug/problem with no answer, back in 2020. Does anybody know if this is possible?

Mar 3, 2021
Another thing to keep in mind. If you recopy your guys to test.. sometimes it changes the name but sometimes it just overwrites them. So if you get really involved on test and want to preserve them against future copies. I'd invest in a name change pot
Jul 17, 2019
Looking at doing the same thing. So two separate copies/locations of EQ and MQ on your PC - got that. On my duplicate copy of EQ, I just run the launchpad.exe from that folder and then change game version to Test?

For the /testcopy command, should I run that on my new copy of EQ before changing that version to Test? I know it's account based for the character but wasn't sure if helps with any character ini files.

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