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Question - Moving installation to new harddrive question. (1 Viewer)

Aug 19, 2020
Im currently in the process of getting a new PC ready to use. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on exactly what files I need to transfer to ensure I keep all of the redguides MQ settings I have currently, plus addons etc?

Im not sure I could even remember how to set it all up again so I don't want to lose it!
Hi @Maul , welcome !
Both EQ and your RG folder can both be copied over to a new computer.. but a nice fresh install is sometimes very pleasing. EQ mainly is your UI, character.ini, map, custom UI (if you have any), baz and barter files. RG is best to download the latest installer and run the launcher, which will install all your latest files of macros, Lua and plugins. Once you have that you can update your navmesh files (right near where the update button was you just did). You can then copy your config files, and any edited Lua you might have. You might need to close and reopen the RG launcher once more to rerun the Lua/macro updates, so for example your old ButtonMaster file can be updated.
I found it tricky trying to recreate the shortcut to RedGuides from a copied folder without a new install. My quick fix was to do a clean install, then let the launcher install all my watched plugins/scripts, then lastly, I copied my config and Lua folders over the top of the new stuff.
Question - Moving installation to new harddrive question.

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