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Question - Merc goes AFK (1 Viewer)

Jan 2, 2024
My healer merc occasionally goes AFK while I'm moving around in a zone. She just stands there staring into space and unless I take the whole group to her, she won't respond. Just going to her myself doesn't seem to wake her up.
Invariably this has resulted in some deaths as she wasn't around at the time :(
I've resorted to using my alt mage to CoH her when I realize she is picking daises half way across the zone.

The question I have is there something I can run that alerts me to her not being close by or somehow forces her to stick to a member of the group, like the tank?
I'm usually running around with Selos on and maybe she doesn't register the group proximity in time as it's moved on too quickly and she just goes into limbo?
This isn't affecting the two other mercs in the group (tank and melee dps), just the healer.
Jan 4, 2023
Had this happen to my tank merc in the early days when I was alt-tabbing on Griklor. Got everything ready - pulled Griklor and the tank just stood there and watched us all die. I tried all manner of things but he just wouldn't budge.

Worked fine the second time.
Question - Merc goes AFK

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