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Question - Macro Code Highlighting (1 Viewer)

Jun 2, 2020
Out of curiosity does the macro language have syntax highlighting available for any IDE's like VSCode?

I ask because I haven't found anything about there being one and I've started writing a syntax highlighter for VSCode itself.

Does this sound useful or am I doing this for my own benefit?

Picture for fun
Jun 7, 2020
There is a little funny here.

Honestly, I didn't know about "VS Code" until I read about it on this forum, this week.

Originally, I'd use "notepad" then progressed to "notepad2" (wiki) also used "notepad++" (wiki) a little bit.
Load up a document, e.g. .c, .java .html into notepad2, and it gets lots of color applied.

Give it a .mac, for these macro files and it looks back at you strangely. Treating it just like text with no meaning.

I've grabbed a copy of VS Code (from here) and regardless of its name, its feels lightweight and not the beast that expect waiting for visual studio to load.
Freshly installed it behaves just like notepad2. It knows of other files but hasn't ideas what to do with .mac.

Then as suggested on this forum applied the VS Code plugin to help it understand MQ2 macros. From this page (here). The page has a button for "install" as opposed "download".
It pops up a panel asking; "Launch Visual Studio Code", selected allow. The "vscodemq2" page is displayed inside VS Code, and clicked "install" again.

Now looking at the .mac files, they are full of color applied.

There appear to be a lot of features available that could be worth exploring in VS Code.

Thanks RG community for placing this product on my radar.

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